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Memorial Day, A Day to Remember

Freedom Flies High

We should thank all of our men and women who served so valiantly in our Armed Services giving Americans and our Allies their liberties and freedoms that they have celebrated over these many years.

Unfortunately, the suffering and sacrifices that were made by families and friends at home and abroad during those tumultuous years are not known or understood by many of today’s citizens.

The trials and tribulations of today’s political and terrorist global aggression to drive Democracy into oblivion is obvious. Democracy prevails only if there is a desire and a participation to protect it.

Then too, the political environment within our beloved United States has divided Americans. There is now a serious questioning that asks, “Will our Institutions, and our Constitution that protects American’s prevail and  withstand the assault on American values?

Let us hope that American values prevail and the sacrifices of those who gave so much with their ultimate sacrifice did not do so in vain. America and the world is and has become a better place because of their sacrifice.

To all, thank you!

The Eagle

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