City Manager, Goodlein Contributes to Political Millage Committee

According to the Michigan Department of State Bureau of Election, a pro Millage Increase Election Committee, identified as ”The Wixom Families for Community Safety” filed their financial report through their Campaign Treasurer, on October 25, 2016.

Certainly, citizens and businesses interests have a right to express political concerns by donating to and forming political packs or committees to expressing their voices.

  • Remember Buckley v. Valeo court action ruled that …campaign finance spending…was the same as written or verbal expression or free speech. Money became free speech!

What is interesting and significant within the report is the contribution of Wixom City Manager, Clarence Goodlein of Milford of $500.00, and $427.94. This campaign spending  is interesting in that it would give the appearance of unethical behavior NS THE APPEARANDCE OF A DEFINATE CONFLICT OF INTEREST. …Let’s pass this millage:  I need the money and a raise?.  If the Millage were approve, he would, “feather his own MonetaryNnest.”

Other contributors are:

Mayor, Kevin Hinkley: $200.00 – Conveyall Industrial Supply, Inc.

Clarence Goodlein, Wixom City Manager, Milford, MI: $500.00

Karin Goodlein, Traverse City, MI: $500.00 – Retired

Ronald Moore Walled Lake, MI: $100.00 – [no employer given]

Raymond Shamoun Commerce Twp.: $500.00 – Jackson Automotive

Robert Bauriedl, Brighton, MI: $500.00 – Cut and Care

Carl Bumgardner Plymouth, MI: $500.00 – Royal Truck & Trailer

Charbel Alam Farmington, MI: $500.00: Magnum Towing

Wixom Families For Community Safety: $425.00

Clarence Goodlein, City Manager, Wixom (Hangers): $427.94

Stacey Banks Wixom, MI: Facebook Enhancement: $74.12.

Total contributions received by the WFFCS Committee is $3300.00 for political purposes supporting the increase of the millage proposal.

Individuals and businesses can participate in the political process of the community; however, City Manager, Goodlein should not give the impression that he wants a raise or showing a bias by contributing to the political interests of any committee; Mr. Goodlein would be wise to heed this advice. City Manager, Goodlein should do his “Administrative Job” of the City Manager and let the politics up to the community taxpayers, and voters.

Mr. Goodlein, you live in Milford, raise or lower their taxes if you want, but when you work in Wixom, let the taxpayers and voters decide what is best for them. It is called an Election: you are not a resident but an EMPLOYEE.

…Or, perhaps, Mr. Goodlein you should request an Absentee ballot!

Click to view document: wixom-familes-for-community-safety-pre-election-filing




1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Brody

    November 12, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    Thanks to all the listed people , including our great city Manager for your support and dedication to the City looking forward to seeing the City grow and prosper. Hoping the naysayers can get on board on be more of a positive influence …..

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