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City Council Meeting Recordings Now Available

Following nearly a year of effort by Councilmembers Gottschall, Kennedy, and Smiley, nearly all future meetings of Wixom City Council will now be recorded by students of Walled Lake Schools and made available for interested residents to view through YouTube and WLTV. This is a very important advancement on Council, and important for a knowledgeable and engaged electorate. This will help to hold Council more accountable to the citizens of Wixom.

Walled Lake students first recorded the October 11th meeting of Council, which the administration has posted to its social media, and which the school television system has aired at various times for television viewing. As a concerned and interested resident you will now be able to see what has occurred in the meetings without worrying if your busy schedule doesn’t allow the time between family and errands to attend each meeting. These recordings will also help to overcome the vague and missed portions of official council minutes that sometimes occurs, giving you a better feeling for the personality of council and the discussion about important city issues . . . such as the budget and millages!

Congratulations to the Council on joining the times, and the many other local governments that have been broadcasting their meetings to their residents. It is about time Council has worked to be more transparent with voters and residents through these recordings. Now let us hope that future steps will be taken to address other inconsistencies in city recordkeeping and openness.


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