Op-Ed, Mr. Wixom “All Lives Matter.” Get protests off the field!”

For a considerable time now there has been protests for All Lives Matter and many organizations have taken responsibility for protesting the lack of law-and-order as well as a potential lack of due-process for many civilians and police personnel in different regions of the country.

This op-ed is directed to the Professional Leagues and their respective personnel that have shown a display against the National Anthem while wearing a professional uniform.  This has been justified by a freedom of speech and freedom of activism by any individual and an absence of patriotic conformity of conduct by the League Owners and Managers.

It would be realistic to expect that on a National Platform of world exposure of the games and competitive competition that a National Sports Team and its members display a unity of commitment to the Country in which they live and earn their lively hood from a National audience.

While wearing any professional team uniform and representing a National Sports Team, an expectation of National respect for the Flag of our Nation and the National Anthem is a basic tenant of respect for the Country in which they live.

Those individuals on the field and representing an American Sports Team have an obligation to the Nation for respecting Flag and Anthem. While in uniform and on the American sports stage playing competitive professional sports for the pleasure and enjoyment of the Country’s citizens and viewed by the world, unity, respect, and patriotism to Country is expected and required while in uniform.

If those who feel strongly about individual activism, I support your activism as a Constitutional right and your personal obligation; however, while in uniform, it is not your right to use your affiliation and professional “stardom” as an individual on a national sports team to vent your activism while in uniform.

Take your activism off the sports field and into your home or to a place where you may exercise your right and obligation to promote your passions of interest in activism to that because you seek to vilify and to highlight the lack of injustices that are desirable for you to gain public awareness and support for your cause.

To recognize and bring to the public’s attention a lack of injustice, lawlessness, or absence of rule-of-law is an honorable endeavor, but noteworthy is the fact that the Flag and the National Anthem are Symbols of a Country where lives of many men, women and children have been sacrificed.

Your sacrifice, your activism, to “take a knee,” is petty…while you make millions-in- dollars while playing on a field, not riddled with bullets or dead bodies, but is a flawless green-plush-manicured-field, white stripped and with a national and global audience surrounding the activity.

The global and national audience has to be wondering, “Isn’t there a better way to display support for injustice and activism than to use your affiliations in a sport and your uniform-of-stardom as a way and means for venting your commitment to your ideology? ”

I believe there is a reasonable expectation that Owners of sports team emphasize that they represent not only a sports team with a tradition of unity and respect for country.

As one sports coach said, “You can be an activist and set on the bench or you can play the game you love.” It is a solution that I agree with. I would add, “By the way, while on the bench you won’t be paid.”

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