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Say “YES” to Library Millage

What is it about a book or books that are so intriguing? Now, correctly stated, not all books are intriguing or of interest. Some books are to be read, others, perhaps pages scanned, many books are to be given some thought; then, there are those that catch your interest and your attention and have to be read. Every word on every page is a must read.

I have had many books that I have read three or four times, and I find some new thought or comfort in the reading.

Do you remember the first book you read or tried to read? Do you remember how that book felt, or did it have a definitive scent? Yes, my first-grade reader had a feel and an obvious wonderful scent. To this day I remember the feel and the scent of that book.

The few pages were filled with colorful pictures and short sentences: “See Spot run.” “Jack has a ball.” “Spot ran fast.”  Perhaps these informative learning to read years is when I became interested in books.  As the years passed, I engaged in developing my own library that became a very real part of my life. I turned to books for knowledge, for developing thoughtful and critical thinking about many subjects, and for just casual reading of global interests: people, places, and the world before the internet.

I remember when I purchased and received my first large addition to my library. I bought “The History of Civilization” an eleven-volume hard-cover set written by Will and Ariel Durant. It was amazing to just see these books let alone the thought of reading each of these great books. And I did read them and some of them twice!

I purchased many books after that, all hard covers, no paper-backs for me! My next large purchase was a complete set of Shakespeare’s Plays and Sonnets. I think there were 41 books in the series that contained some thirty-seven plays and about 150 +/_ Sonnets. These little Blue hard-cover volumes held  my attention for several years.  These purchases were followed by books of poetry, philosophy, history, literature and numerous anthologies.

Now what does my reading and purchasing of these books have to do with the Wixom Library and the Renewal of the Millage question? Am I just letting all know of my book purchases and my reading habits? Or the fact that I tried to develop my own little library?

What I am saying is that books are a valuable asset for many reasons, and there are those who cannot purchase or develop their own library.  There is also a desperate need for public access to a variety information about many subjects of interests that cannot be obtained without difficulty. The Library reduces the laborious task of seeking materials needed  by students, parents, and the public.

The Wixom Library started in the old City Hall in a room too small to be an office let alone a Library. There were many small shelves, few isles, one long table with folding chairs where one did not want to sit very long. The Council held their Executive Sessions in this Library.

When the time came to address the issues of the deficiencies of the Administrative’s offices and the inadequacies of office space,  the Library became an important phase of the development of the Civic Center which  is now constructed for public use. The Library has been a vital part of this community and without it, there would be a significant loss to the community that cannot be measured in dollars and cents; but may be measured in a loss of access to educational benefits and tutorials for those in need of these vital research services.

No one individual can reasonably be expected to own or have access to the materials they may need in their pursuit of essential materials that transform their lives, and the Library provides access to those materials.

Regardless of the format of the materials wanted for learning, research, or enjoyment, or the age of the public that wants to access these materials, the Wixom Library provides a valuable resource and community service for all. The programs offered and the staff contribute significantly to the benefit of the community, and it is essential that the Library remain an established and vital asset within the community.

Voters should say a definitive “YES” to the Renewal of the Library Millage on August 2, 2016




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1 Comment

  1. Frank Underwood

    October 25, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    The library is great!

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