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It’s Your Tax Dollars: $11,633,528 in Spending



TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016

Yes,  these are May’s minutes, but you know how easy it is to forget what was said and who said it.

Public Hearing for the Fiscal Year 2016 2017 Proposed Budget

It’s your money and this document dictates how your tax dollars are being spent. Public comments are noted, as to their comments on the matter. Public comments are important as are the VOTES that approved and dissented from approving the budget and their reasons stated.

Your attention is appreciated. Your interests are imperative to understanding the so-called “new-normal” of taxing the community. Taxes are required to maintain sustainability, but at what level and cost is the public to pay for that “New-Normal?” Taxpayers and voters are being ask to answer that question and the question posed deserved your response.

Has due diligence in establishing an equitable balance between revenues and expenses been made and justified in the delivery and approval by Council of this budget?

Total Operating Revenues $11,633,528

Total Expenditures $11,633,528

It’s your money and your government.

How they VOTED: Roll Call Vote (4) AYES: Beagle, Hinkley , Rzeznik, Ziegler

(3) NAYS:  Gottschall, Kennedy, Smiley

Motion Carried… and with that vote your money was spent!

You will find the entire document using this link as well as other minutes of noteworthy reading.

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