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Citizens and Taxpayers: Understand the City Charter

The City Manager’s Position.

Should more public thought be given to the City Charter’s requirements for this position?

Here is the requirement:


Sec. 5.1. Appointment; qualifications; compensation.

The Council shall appoint a City Manager for an indefinite term and fix the

compensation. The Manager shall be appointed on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications and experience. The Manager need not be a resident of the City or State at the time of his appointment but may reside outside the City while in office only with the approval of the Council.

So, the City Manager does not have to live within the City of Wixom and Council has waived the requirement when requested.

But why not require the City Manager to live within the City? Therefore, the City Manager must consider the effects of the actions and the ramifications of leadership of his or her efforts to control Administrative costs and expenses as these initiatives also effect the appointed City Manager who lives within the community.

When hiring for the position, the Council also has the option to consider a relocation initiative that would allow the Pending City Manager to relocate within the City within an 18-month time-frame or a frame-work suitable to a negotiated deal.

Additionally, if the time-frame expired and the City Manager had not moved into the City and was not performing as required, a simple goodbye…because of a relocation requirement that was not met would suffice for dismissal.

When the City Manager lives outside the Community, the Management of the City becomes just a job! Nothing that the City Manager does effects the individual’s pocketbook such as fees, taxes, water and sewer bills, and the constant hustle to reduce costs or expenses is not important, as there is no impact to the livelihood of the CM, or to benefits or paycheck.

When the City Manager has only to do what Council requires and nothing more, life is good, and so is the paycheck. Leadership is a matter of counting votes: whether you get direction or not, count the votes of the Council; that is the direction for leadership and is typically the norm for the City Manager.

Perhaps more public thought should be given to all aspects of the City Charter. Perhaps too, their should be a punishment for those members of Council who deliberately work with Legal Advisers to find a methodology to subvert the Charter’s plain  language.

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