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A very good stride toward road maintenance within the business, industrial and manufacturing areas south of Pontiac Trail was initiated by the Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) meeting today.

The LDFA Board meeting approved an amendment and restatement of the current Wixom LDFA Development and TIF Plan and that the Board of Directors of the LDFA requested that the City Council adopt a Resolution that would schedule a public hearing for this purpose and that the City Council support the proposal and new Wixom LDFA Development and TIF Plan.

Clarence Goodlein’s statement that the amendment and restatement of the current LDFA Development and TIF Plan as proposed is in the best interest of the City and that it would provide roadway construction critical to the success of the Staff’s strategic and 10-year roadway reconstruction plan for local roads south of Pontiac Trail. The plan augments the present local roads program for maintenance and reconstruction for all roads north of Pontiac Trail.

There are seven projects listed on the Road Rehabilitation Project List Proposed for Funding Allocations.

Road construction is planned for years 2017 through 2019 and the projects total costs are estimated at $4,740,206.

The projects slated for reconstruction and rehabilitation are:

  1. West Road, Beck Road to east City Limit 2019            Cost $1,350,206
  2. Beck Road, West Road to Pontiac Trail 2017               Cost $2,116,280
  3. Frank Street, Anthony to west end 2017                       Cost    $296,390
  4. Anthony Street, West Road to Frank Street 2017        Cost    $357,330
  5. Wixom Tech Drive, Wixom Road to east end 2017     Cost    $357,330
  6. West Tech Drive, West Road to north end 2017          Cost    $247,800
  7. Beck Road ROW, 12 Mile to West Road                        Cost      $30,000

Funding sources;

  1. $ 854,144 non-city funding, $ 496,062 LDFA
  2. $1,380,280 LDFA, $736,000 Wixom Major Road Fund
  3. $296,390 LDFA
  4. $357,330 LDFA
  5. $342,200 LDFA
  6. $247,800 LDFA

Hubbell, Roth, & Clark road engineers and the DPW performed the road inventory analysis. Jon Booth City Engineer discussed the PASER System. The roads were rated for rehabilitation based upon the PASER system which is based upon Asphalt pavement distress and evaluates: surface defects, surface deformation, cracking, patches and potholes.  The system uses a rating system from 1-Failed to 9 & 10 Excellent.

Clarence Goodlein is correct when he wrote, “…the proposed amendment and restatement is critical to the economic development, vitality, and sustainability of our community…”

There is one note of caution. There is a tendency in the Administration’s discussions to want to ‘Borrow” funds from other accounts to fund projects that are of necessity; however, reaching into Peter’s pocket to fund Paul’s project is a potential serious management flaw and in certain instances is not allowed.

Funds are established for specific reasons dedicated for specific purposes. Discretely taking funds from their intended programed use hampers the structured progress of the community.

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