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A Letter was written by the Wixom Eagle to City Manager,  Clarence Goodlein regarding a  conservation with two-people about the requests made  of their businesses for donations of food for the Drafting Table Brewery’s Grand Opening. Not understanding the requests for donations of food for a business, the following e-mail note was sent to City Manager, Clarence Goodlein for review and potential clarification.

Sent: Monday, March 21, 2016 3:44 PM
Subject: Att: Mr. Clarence Goodlein (Solicitations)
Dear Mr. Goodlein,
Just a short note to ask, “Is anyone representing the City of Wixom soliciting donations for the Drafting Table opening? I have been told by downtown businesses: Jet’s / Backyard Coney, that donations have been requested by someone representing the City; however, non can identify the requester. Is this a Scam or is someone representing the City asking for such donations?
Wayne L.Glessner Sr.
Editor – Publisher
Wixom Eagle



Hi Mr. Glessner,
No, it’s not a scam. Ms. Barker, the City’s Economic Development Liaison, is working with DDA members and volunteers to provide support for the Drafting Table Brewery opening next week and as part of that work she is coordinating any food donations from DDA businesses for the event. The microbrewery serves no food and allows food to be brought into its business for consumption with beer that is purchased, and the food donations help the local DDA eateries showcase their food offerings and, hopefully, increase their business. However, it is my understanding that the actual solicitations for these food donations were made by Marvin Poota who is a member of the Board of Directors of the DDA.
I hope that this is helpful.

If food donations help the local DDA businesses by showcasing their offerings and, hopefully, increase DDA’s Business efforts and the Drafting Table’s success, perhaps the donations are a worthy activity.  Admittedly, solicitation from one business to another gives a new meaning to the DDA’s efforts and a new take and meaning to Economic  Development efforts.

It is a known fact that the interaction of the public to restaurants businesses feed of one-another. Let there be success for all businesses in this complex: China Garden,  Shades  Salon, Jet’s  Pizza, Backyard Coney Island, Coffee Beanery, and Al Maidah’s Mediterranean Grill. With the addition of the Drafting Table, perhaps a positive  impact will draw new interest for the area. Perhaps the showcasing idea will expand through the downtown and elsewhere.

Hopefully, the DDA’s Board, their volunteers and Mr. Poota will be successful in their efforts to  showcase businesses within the DDA. Success for all businesses is a benefit to the community.


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