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OSTC: “Hidden” Educational JEWEL!

OSTC Southwest

Yes, it is stated correctly, the OSTC facility is a HIDDEN EDUCATIONAL “JEWEL.”

Parents and students alike go through the stressful situation and process of deciding the path for obtaining an education that will afford the student an opportunity to earn a viable income or perhaps support a future family; perhaps too, just to satisfy a need, a thrust to engage with a tenacity their particular passion for learning or to advance their innate gift in a particular field of endeavor. What are their educational choices and can the educational costs be affordable?

Many students enter college after high school. However, the drop-out-rate after two-years of college is excessive. Two-years of hard work may result in few employment opportunities and the cost of those two years was high.

Discussing the desire or need for an education and the associated costs are of interest. How much education is really needed and what are the choices to be made? Is it necessary to obtain the degree from a “Brand Named” university or college or should the choice be a local, smaller college?

Other questions are asked, “Where is the student’s maturity and has the student’s ability to learn been validated during the high school years? How prepared is the student who walks out the high school door and enters into the adult-working-world?” And the drop-out student; can the drop-out be prevented? The perils of this student entering the work place are enormous.

High school Counselors and Administrators place an emphasis for all students to go to college and obtain and advanced degree in some major field. However, an education for what purpose is an honest question for a young student graduating from high school. Many students have not decided on what educational path to take and their immediate interests are not committed to an end-result profession or career. At an early age, defining a course of study for a career choice is a formidable task.

In today’s economic and technical environment, there are employed individuals who have changed career paths several times in a twenty-year career. Personal interests, employment environments, technological advancements, personal impediments, and corporate relocations have forced many into a career change that they would not have anticipated under any circumstances. Apparently, change is the one constant in life as well as employment. Fortunate is the individual who has transferable job skills.

It is with these thoughts and considerations of today’s youth and their education that brings the attention to the career opportunities offered by OSTC (Oakland Schools Technical Campus) located in Wixom. A visit to the school yields benefits for education and training that will lead to employment in a technical field or receive certification in an area that generates a maximum return on your educational investment.

Put another way, students may earn good money in an expanding career field in a minimum amount of time. Students do not have to spend two-years in a program working side-jobs only to find out that they need additional education just to obtain a base-wage entrance into employment. Career cluster focus prepares the students to develop the expertise, confidence and skills for today’s top careers.

If a student is not ready for college or, more importantly, college is not the committed direction that fits the student, attention should be given to the career opportunities available within the Oakland Schools Technical Campus.

Their facilities and their instructors impart a confidence that students respect. Students may learn and earn a competitive advantage in obtaining employment in many employment sectors: Visual imaging, Automotive Technology, Health Sciences, Engineering and Emerging Technologies, Computer Programming, Culinary Arts and Hospitality and many others.

OSTC has what students need in an educational institution; there too is a vitality within the educational environment that is demonstrated as soon as the student enters the classroom and meets with the instructor. It is not a doom-and-gloom or laid-back environment, but a dynamic environment where education, training, and learning are the priorities.

If parents and students are struggling with college identification, career curriculum, identification of a ways and means to obtain a career worthy of attainment and employment, look no further than OSTC and their opportunities presented in an excellent learning environment.

Finally, since a desire for knowledge is a prerequisite that is likely to be transmitted through the family, there is a strong case for enabling parents who greatly care for education to secure it for their children. Those parents and students looking for an opportunity for a quality education leading to employment, should consider the offerings at OSTC. None will be disappointed.

The OSTC facility is a HIDDEN EDUCATIONAL “JEWEL.” OSTC Counselor, Amy Flynn, will be delighted to respond to any questions relative to career and educational opportunities within the Campuses. (248.668.5608)

Visit:    In addition to the Wixom Campus, there are campuses in Clarkston, Pontiac, and Royal Oak.

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