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Goodlein: Trade Gunnar Mettala Park for Athletic Complex?

The Park is to be traded?

Up for a TRADE?

3015 Mail box

3015 Maple Road Mail Box

Residents should be aware of two items on the Council’s Agenda for the January 26, meeting at City Hall. There are others also! Apparently, this “TRADE” was discussed at the January 11, meeting. NO minutes are available, as they are not yet approved for review; therefore, the public knows nothing about this Mettala Park to Athletic Complex TRADE.

First Item:
Affirmation by Charles A.Yon of his Oath of Office as Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety.
An affirmation is to assert positively the need for the Offices and apparently Mr.Yon is to make a Presentation. I would expect that Mr. Yon would address the City Charters requirements as well as the need for the Fire Chief to have a ‘BOSS” other than specific requirements of the City Manager. What is the need for bureaucratic-vertical structure rather than an efficient and effective horizontal-structure as previously noted in many wixomeagle posts?

And if there is a solid “AFFIRMATION of NEED,” change the City Charter with a proposition on the BALLOT of 2016 establishing the Department of Public Safety combining Police and Fire Departments.

3) That City Council discuss the Benefits and Liabilities of the January 11, 2016 Proposal that would trade Gunnar Mettala Park for an Engineered Athletic Complex that would be Constructed at 3015 West Maple and Consider Directing the City Manager to Prepare Ballot Language that would be used at a Future 2016 Election as Required by the Wixom Municipal Code § 3.16.040 should City Council see fit to do so.

• Do we not have an Athletic Complex in the City privately owned and working?
• Why would anyone in their right mind want to eliminate Gunnar Mettala Park?
• Is it being eliminated or expanded? Why not a presentation to the public before a decision is made on this so-called “TRADE?”
• Need to read the January minutes to understand the issues or even if there are issues.

Is the Cart before the Horse?
I remember well when the City Council, the Administration and myself dedicated GUNNAR METTALA PARK to one of the most revered and dedicated man in the City who was instrumental in forming the City Charter and original structure of the City of Wixom, Mr. Gunnar Mettala.

And does the City Manager, Clarence Goodlein really want to TRADE AWAY GUNNAR METTALA PARK for an Engineered Athletic Complex? Nothing is know about this so-called TRADE!

Where is the documentation to support a Council’s action to put the question before the VOTERS? When no details are known by anyone to justify the BALLOT action, it is rather difficult to support anything when you know nothing!

Why is there not more information made available to the public? Remember Transparency? Interested residents should give attention to the Council’s discussion and decision on these matters, as well as what the newly hired City Manager, Mr. Goodlein has on his agenda. Some of which may not be in the best interest of the residents.

Moving too fast could also be detrimental to the community. How will VOTERS and business owners, or anyone understand the necessary action/s before all the facts and potential costs to taxpayers are known?


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