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Bertha King’s “Ode To The Wixom-Wire House”

Ode To The Wixom-Wire House

by Bertha King

The vacant little house-Empty for many a day,

Kept a quiet vigil with the cemetery ‘cross the way.

The lonely little house-Remembering days of yore,

When its rooms were filled with voices

Yearned to hear the sounds once more.

The charming little house-Its gardens now untilled,

Remembered when the larder From its bounty once was filled.

The friendly little house–Its sleeping space once strained,

Yearned to hear the old refrains from the years

when happy children climbed the spreading walnut tree,

and folks rocked lazily on the porch sipping a cup of tea.

The  tired little house-The nurturing years fulfilled,

Sheltered two ancient brothers, And then they were stilled

The Wixom Historical Society with wisdom (vision too)

saw beyond chipped paint and clutter and gingerbread askew,

Saw the charm and quiet dignity of this little house aligned

with  true representation of an earlier, simpler time,

The patient little house-So productive in years past,

Has found its niche in history

And a new “Family” at last.


Thanks Bertha for a beautiful “Ode to the Wixom-Wire House.”

Thanks also for all the contributions made toward the  Museum Restoration Project.

And a thank you too to “Trapper” John Lee for critter control and his  Mr. fix-it-talents.

In the up-coming Events Category is, “A Slaves Journey” presented by Willie Payne

on Monday, February 15, 2016 7:00 p.m. Wixom City Hall.

This Monday, January 18 at 6:30 is a Potluck Supper and a presentation, “This  Place Matters.”

For more information please call Laure Dorchak: 248-624- 3950.

**The information within this post was taken from the Wixom Historical Society’s Publication, “The Wixom Wire.”

And a special note: 2016 Dues are due! You may also desire to make an additional contributions to the Society.

All donations are greatly appreciated.

On a very sad note is the Passing of Doris Thompson; she was quite the Lady and her enthusiasm for all things Wixom were admirable. Yes, she will indeed be missed.


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