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A New Council Seated for 2016

The new Council is pictured before taking their seats for the first Council meeting of 2016. The agenda was interesting, as there were several issues that were discussed for quite a while and many questions were asked of staff members before the council settled on a motion to pass the numerous issues and requests made by City Manager, Clarence Goodlein.
A bright spot on the Agenda was the swearing in of a new Police Officer, Brian Cheesbro. A home-grown young man who went to school at Western High School. He was warmly received and his presence gave the appearance that he truly wanted to become an officer. His background and education verified that his career objectives were being met. After Officer Cheesbro’s swearing in, there was a break in the Council’s meeting to meet and greet the officer and have a piece of cake or a cup of coffee and mix with the Council and staff that had gathered for the event in the police administrative conference room.
Newly elected Councilmen, Robert Smiley and Mr. Gottschall gave notice that both would be watchful of the spending requests and the budget as they pushed for a reasonable alternative to spending $177,440 for an Aerial/Bucket Truck that required a Budget amendment of the purchase amount, as it was not accounted for in the original approved budget. Money would have to come from the Unappropriated Fund Balance. The motion to bid out the item was eventually approved with Mr. Smiley dissenting.***Correction added: Mr. Kennedy  also  Voted NO!
The Council gave unanimous approval to the Appointment of Interim Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety Charles A. Yon as Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety. There was no discussion, no justification for the Director’s Position.
As usual, the Mayor, the senior members of the Council and the City Manager, Mr. Goodlein gave no presentation or justification for the appointment of Mr. Yon to the two-positions. Silence is always golden when discussion could lead to a lot of questions.
My apology for the Mayor being in this picture, but I am not yet talented enough to remove him from the picture. I remembered that during the election he said, “I will sue you if you take my picture!” I took this picture and the Mayor is in the middle. Sorry, Mr. Mayor, but such is the ways and means of being in a public position.
The new Council is off to a good start. Their continuation of dialogue on items of concern for the community is appreciated.

***Corrections noted: I made an error in this report that didn’t include Mr. Kennedy who also voted

NO on the Aerial/Bucket Truck spending!




























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