What in the world?

It is the start of a new year and apparently, I am entering it with anxiety, as I do not recognize the world or country that I was born into. I say this because there is so much fear, hate, ugliness, senseless killings, world-order disruptions, religious-turmoil and distortions-of-facts, and political party abominations, that no longer do I recognize my own country. Where did it go? What in the World happened?
What is worse is the fact that it appears that our political parties are doing everything they can to divide the country’s people further apart: not only along political lines but also religious lines.
The parties have more interest in division, isolation, and separation than fixing the issues that Americans really need fixed. There is more interest in Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and the continuing investigation by the Committee on Benghazi that continues to squander millions of dollars. WOW! There too is Donald Trump’s next big smirk, and of course, Bill Clinton’s affair with Ms. Lewinsky.
Most certainly, all of these entertainment items are beneficial to the American political interests. Their continued discussions will help repair the roads, the streets, repels crime, pays police protection and of course will reduce medical health care costs.
The Country needs jobs in every area of the country; our infrastructure is falling apart, the immigration concerns here in this promised land and in the world’s interests of humanity in many countries are lost in the fray. ISIS is on everyone’s mind, not only in global affairs but also here within the homeland.
And, one of the most dangerous men in the world is Kim Jong Un, Not Obama! While North Korea’s announcement Tuesday night boldly said that experts had successfully conducted a hydrogen-bomb test.…. if they actually did set off a bomb capable of immense dehumanization of any area in which Korean leaders decide to launch it, there is an eminent thread to another world war. What in the world is happening?
What is going on? Our so-called political leaders are interested in who was born where; and who is doing what to whom? Investigations, smear campaigns, hypocrisy, and the list goes on. Let’s get this right! We are a country that deserves Leadership of the highest quality of ethics, honesty, foreign affairs knowledge, economics, and more importantly, the ability and tenacity to lead a nation in times of intense uncertainty.
Personally, a favorite historical president of mine was a Republican, Teddy Roosevelt. I don’t think Republicans, Democrats, Independents, the Tea Party, or the nation would elect him today! Why? Because he was too honest, to American, too politically incorrect in his comments and pro-expansionist?
The political reality is that Newspapers, Media-mega operatives and Americans love entertainers! Unfortunately, the President of the Country does not demand, need or require an entertainer in our present hour of need. What is needed is an intelligent-self-assured-knowledgeable-well controlled-thoughtful and assertive Leader.
Who and where is that person is a million-dollar question? Our present politicians will spend millions of dollars trying to convince everyone of the not-so-obvious: that they are leaders, when in fact, most are entertainers of the political kind.

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