Memories: Fa-La-La-LA Faxon (educational reform)

Note that Former Councilwoman  and County Commissioner Nancy Dingeldey was in the News.

Note that Former Councilwoman and County Commissioner Nancy Dingeldey was in the News.

Memories: Education and a 12-Round Matchup

Preface: Education Reform was being discussed by the Legislature in Lansing: the years were 1993-94.

I was a Councilman and had taken considerable objection to the lack-luster actions of (D-Novi, Wixom) Senator, Jack Faxon relative to educational reform. In the Fall of 1993 into December-February 1994 and beyond, it was my opinion that Senator Faxon was ignoring his legislative duties to help in developing an Educational Reform Package.He left the legislative meeting to perform in the performance of the Nutcracker!

Written here is my “hip-shot-poem” printed within the Spinal Column’s Newsweekly. The second item, “NO LOW BLOWS, NOW” was written in the Spinal Column Newsweekly’s, “Oakland Confidential” and I received the Wayne “the Pain” Glessner’s title…and a potential 12-round heavyweight matchup with Faxon over the educational issue.

Hip-shot Poem? at Faxon

Fa-La-La-LA Faxon
Twas the last week of December, in Lansing they met where education reform was about to be born.
The House and the Senate sat stuffed into their chairs wondering what legislation would soon be theirs
It was their most important decision in 23 years
Education Reform, parents’ choice, cost containment and better schools for all was the arrangement
When what to our wondering eyes should appear
But the Democrats, the Republicans and MEA, too
When out on the lawn there arouse such a clatter
They all sprang from their seats to see what could be the matter
They threw up the windows and opened the sash
To hear Art Miller yelling to our Senator Jack
Come on back to work Jack, you simply can’t go
Take on your responsibility, even if you Vote no
I don’t agree with what they are doing
I don’t agree with the process they use
Legislation is so crass, even quite rude
So I am off to the Nutcracker to sing and to dance
My audience awaits me, Legislation is craps
Please don’t expect me to be a part of this mess
I’m above it all I must confess
The Taxpayers’ money we have in our hands; what more can I do
I hate these decisions—the stress too
The Democrats, the Republicans and MEA too
Have their pockets all lined, power and purses are filled too
And so my good teachers, constituents all
You get five percent, don’t have to do more
And to our little children, all snug in their beds
Forget your education—it’s already dead
Children don’t need education, a longer school year
MEA will be happy, I’ll have a great year
Oh, the theater beckons to me; oh, the theater calls
I haven’t missed a performance and get no cat-calls
And my message to you good taxpayers this year
Whom I’m entrusted by oath to give you my due
I’ve far better things to do…than represent you!

February 2-8 1994  Oakland Confidential

No Low Blows, Now: It wouldn’t surprise us if the following is the opening announcement when Sen. Jack Faxon (D-Novi-Wixom) comes to Wixom on March 7 to speak on the state school finance proposal. Round one: Ding ding ding!  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Wixom Community Center where tonight in a 12-round heavyweight matchup the educational future of the children of Michigan and the responsibilities of a state senator will be hotly debated. In this corner, former Mayor and current Councilmember Wayne “the Pain” Glessner. Yes, the same Wayne Glessner who ripped into the senator in the Jan.5 issue of the Spinal Column Newsweekly for ignoring the calls of the Michigan Legislature to help develop a state educational reform package to instead dash off to participate in the Nutcracker Ballet. And in this corner the reigning welterweight champion who has attempted to dodge several recent blows to his character and dedication by using some fancy political footwork--Sen. “Joltin” Jack Faxon! Under state laws ladies and gentlemen, please remember that the three insult rule limit is in effect and Sen. Faxon cannot be saved by the school bell. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Sometimes, memories are made of hip-shot poems, poorly written…and some laughable editorial satire.

I think fondly of the memories and the writers of Newspaper’s  articles who watched and cared for the public’s interests.

Memories! What would we do without them?



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