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Wixom’s Library Strategic Plan

Library City Of Wixom

Library City of Wixom

Ground Breaking in 1991

Ground Breaking in 1991,   24 years of progress

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Library Director, Cindy Mack and the Strategic-Planning Committee composed of fourteen-members concluded their six-months of dialogue with library patrons, community members, library staff, and the Board of Trustees by publishing their findings of the planning process in a final report submitted to the City Manager and Council on November 24, 2015.

“The strategic plan is meant to serve as a guideline for the consideration and implementation of new ideas for programming, services, resources , technology, and building enhancements for the next four years.”

The recommended Library Service Responses approved by the Strategic Planning Committee to help define the Wixom Public over the next four-years were:

*Create Young readers: Early literacy

*Learn to Read and Write: Adult, Teen, and Family Literacy

*Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning

*Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces

*Market and Branding: Create a Strong Public Image and Enhance Community Awareness

The ten-page Strategic Planning Report is an interesting read. The Library Board noted that there was no clear consensus on any specific improvement the Library could make to increase usage. However, twenty-five percent of improvement needs responded with a request for an increase in programming, increased weekend hours, and the addition of more materials.

The report notes the demographics of the service area and the community is highly satisfied with the services provided and with the Library staff. There are five, full-time employees; thirteen, part-time employees, and many volunteers.

In Fiscal Year 2015-2016, the operating cost was $840,739 and the Library is funded by a millage of an approved rate of 1.08 mills. The revenue for the same Fiscal Year was $840,739 ($63,750 Cont. Fund Bal.) and there is a healthy fund balance being used to complete various capital improvement projects. (FB $ 232,100)

The Strategic Report for the Library and the process of investigating the needs assessment for the next years is well documented. The interesting demographic: a flat-rate of population growth projected for Wixom through 2025 is a defining element for the Library.

Based upon this demographic, the Library is correct in their targeting of Preschoolers and focusing on providing more hands-on early literacy activities and creating an early learning space in meeting the needs and learning experience for this particular age group. The fifty-five + age group was generally satisfied with the available services.

Recognizing that the Preschoolers age group is the future of the community, a network of engagement with the Elementary Schools in the area would be extremely beneficial for the children’s and the community’s well-being.

The Library Board of Trustees is correct in their evaluation referencing operating costs, needs assessments and future revenues in their budget discussions. The Library is an important entity and their value cannot be based solely on numbers of patrons or demographics.

To those who may have a learning disadvantage, there is an unseen value of the Library not often recognize by everyone; the Library’s staffing offers assistance and learning opportunities to those who seek out their assistance in  a relaxed environment. Within a more formal, restricted setting, those disadvantage may choose silence.

As Cindy Mack, Library Director, writes, “The strategic plan is meant to serve as a guideline for the consideration and implementation of new ideas for programming, services, resources, technology, and building enhancements for the  next four years.” She and the Library Board of Trustees are excited! The community and library patrons should also be excited by the Library’s potential and possibilities.

The Strategic Plan is a guideline for the Library and the Community. Budgeting and coordination of operating costs with revenues to satisfy the prevailing needs of the community are a challenge.

The Wixom’s Public Library Strategic Plan will assist in meeting that challenge.

The entire Strategic Plan may be found using this link.

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