Administrative Public Safety Brashness Continues

The Organizational Department Staffing Chart below depicts the Administrative “functional” Departments structure, reporting responsibility and accountability of all Departments for the City Of Wixom.  Specific attention is directed to the Staffing and Structure of  the Police and Fire Departments. The reporting structure of subordination of the Police and Fire Departments to a Director of Public  Safety follows and continues the political appointment and mischief of ignoring the City’s Charter requirements. The Chart is the present work of City Manager, Clarence Goodlein who was recently promoted from this position into the City Manager’s office.

CO Wixom Chart

The simple chart below is the  correct Structure / Staffing  Chart for the Police and Fire Departments as required by the City  Charter.

Charter Structure

A final  review of unprecedented political craftiness.

Position: Director of Public Safety: Directs and coordinates internal activities of the Police and Fire Departments, Reports to the City Manager, Supervises All  Police  and Fire Personnel

  • What is the need for City Manager, Mr.Goodlein in continuing with this bureaucratic and political appointed Position, “Director of Public Safety?” Why is the Council mute? Continuing to ignore the City Charter’s requirements of Police and Fire Department’s structure is obvious and is not in the best interests of the Staffing of either departments. Why is this degradation of the City’s Charter continued? The present Administrative rational,  if there is one, makes no command structure sense. To resolve this issue is quite simple. By council motion, eliminate the Director of Public Safety position.

Here is one potential reason for the City Manager’s retention of the DPS position.

  • The  Director of Public Safety was a political appointed position created to give Mr. Goodlein, who retired from his  position of Wixom’s Police Chief and wanted his job back. That reinstatement was impossible; therefore, a new position, “Director of Public Safety” was created / contrived and the political appointment was made by Mr. Dornan. Mr. Goodlein got his old job back but with a  new title. Why would the City Manager admit that a “mistake” by political appointment gave him a job? Mr. Goodlein has a new job as City Manager.

The Functional Chart of Mr. Goodlein

The featured chart shows that the Police Department and the Fire Departments are “functionally”under the Director Of Public Safety. This chart is purported to be a functional structure; as shown, it is. However, the structure is incorrectly drawn when accountability and responsibilities of job descriptions are applied.

***PER CHARTER: Both the Police Chief and the Fire Chief report directly to the City Manager not to the Director of Public Safety in…EQUAL STATUS

A review of events.

Press Release – 08/06/2015 Wixom Appoints New City Manager

“The Mayor and City Council of the City of Wixom are pleased to announce the appointment of Clarence E. Goodlein as City Manager. Mr. Goodlein has been appointed to this position after nearly 35 years of service to the City of Wixom, 5- years as its Police Chief and 10- years as its Police Chief and Director of Public Safety.

City Manager, Clarence Goodlein, The Council, and Mayor continues the public fraud of claiming and promoting a Department of Public Safety, when in fact it does not exist within the City’s Administration. The Department can only be created by a Charter Revision approved by the Voters. Their is no evidence purported to create the department. If  the Department of Public Safety is so beneficial to the city, why has it not been created?

It is understandable why the City Manager, Clarence Goodlein, and the Council continues to deceive the public. Who  wants to admit  that the Administration has not followed the City’s Charter. There is no crime in doing so, just deceit!

Certainly, the Police Department and the Fire Department coordinate their activities; however, to the extent  that there exists a Department of Public Safety with a blended-structured budget is false.

Police and Fire Departments are capable of stand  alone –equal partners—in the administration of their respective duties.

It would be of interest to the taxpayers and the public if there was an explanation for continuing this public deceit. The Administration and the Attorneys refuse to acknowledge the infraction of the Charter or to state publicly, or in writing, why the  position is in agreement with the City Charter.

It is essential to note that neither the Police Department nor the Fire Department may be subordinated by another Department or subordinated by an Administrator. The Police Department and the Administration of the Fire Department must, by Charter, report directly to the City Manager.

Press Release – 8/12/15 Wixom Appoints Charles Yon “Interim Public Safety Director” and Police Chief

The Mayor and City Council of the City of Wixom are pleased to announce the appointment of Charles Yon as Interim Public Safety Director and Police Chief.


Sec. 6.5. Chief of police.
The Chief of Police shall be the administrative head of the Police Department, and he
shall be accountable and responsible to the Manager for the performance of his duties. He shall
perform all duties as may be prescribed for him by law, this charter, the Manager and/or
ordinance or resolutions of the Council.
Sec. 6.6. Fire chief.
The Fire Chief shall be the administrative head of the Fire Department and he shall be
accountable and responsible to the Manager for the performance of his duties. He shall perform
all duties as may be prescribed for him by law, this charter, the Manager, and/or ordinances or
resolutions of the Council.

The reading of Sec. 6.5 and 6.6 is definitive; Police and Fire Chiefs both report to the City Manager, there is no subordination by ordinance, by resolutions, possible. Only a Charter Revision creating the Director of Public Safety which would subordinate one or both departments to a “Director” is possible.

This aberration of Police and Fire Departments structure has been noted before and continues to be ignored. No  discussion, no response to the noted deviance from the written City’s Charter requirements has ever been given. This Administrative subordination of  structure continues, along with a continuation of unprecedented Administrative behavior as personnel records are destroyed, and records / files taken from an internal department is not investigated.

Hopefully, in the next seating of Council these Administrative directives will be realigned with the City’s Charter requirements and the misbehavior of any Elected Official will be curtailed, investigations needed are initiated adn completed.

A new Council being seated, may regain the public’s trust in its legislative body. With ethical decisions and motions correcting the mischief and a realignment of structure to the Charter’s requirements is essential in obtaining that trust.

We have a Community with Character, and it will retain its character only if men of ethical behavior and leadership capabilities demonstrate that following the City’s Charter, and enforcing rules of proper conduct of Elected Officials are mandated by the people for maintaining and retaining the reputation of our community.

Far too many communities have drifted into the depths of parasitic political behavior to the detriment of  the community.  Wixom must not become one of them.

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