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Santa Arrives at Holiday Market

20151204_201448_resized20151204_180959_resizedtree-2Santa Arrived at the Community Center just after the Tree Lighting Ceremony and the kids and the crowd were in a joyous singing  mood. The Walled Lake Western Band played at the delight of  everyone. Santa arrived  as his sleigh was brought to the door of the Community Center and the children and adults gave him a real Christmas welcome.

The large white tents, East and West took up a large area as seen from the street view, but upon entering, there was something for everyone.  The list of exhibitors was extensive. One could start off at Sheri’s Sweet &  Savory Homemade Pasty. My favorite pasty from Finn Camp Days. Walking through the Christmas event I had to stop at several shops: Nuts Galore, meeting Jan and Bernie Zayac, Jessie’s Chocolate Creations,  Martha’s Gardens & Bake Shop with Martha Androsian, Shawn Cowie’s Big Deal Designs in custom etched glass was very  interesting.  Striking a new concept in design you had to see Ade’s Bayo’s Collection of Jewelry Designers, and  Jenni’s illuminations  were more than interesting. I too had to pick up my Maple Syrup at Droscha Sugarbush’s shop. I met another true tree-huger for Maples and Oaks.

I too made my way to Executive Sweets, Rose Jenkins, seeking out peanut butter fudge. Had to put in an order. Noted too that the  Drafting Table Brewery had their t-shirts for sale in advance of their opening up of their brewery in the near future. Finally,  Dr. G’s Soy Candles caught the eye and would make a great gift. Tomi thought that Smitten In a Mitten with Personalized & Handmade Items by Kaylyn & Kaylie were very interesting.

The Christmas Holiday Market was a well-planned and interesting event with a wonderful mix of Holiday and Christmas traditions. The Ice Sculptures were very well done, and well  placed for  review. Restaurants also had their waiting list for customer seating, making the event a welcomed increase in customers and the server’s tips were also welcomed as servers can certainly use the additional money at this time of year.

Thanks too for all the hard work of the Parks and Recreation Staff and all the Volunteers and DPW workers who setup and did a lot of the heavy lifting work to  make the evenings a success. It takes a lot of time and effort to trim and light the trees and place decorations within the downtown area for the public to enjoy. Thank you all!

My appearance at the Historical Wixom-Wire House…Wassail Open House was the final stop of a great day. Going inside gave a new meaning to the spirit of  Christmas. When you realize that you are entering an old, but typical common family home of earlier days, it is a realization of days long gone. So rich in characteristics, these types of homes were built during days that were hard and life difficult. Small, well-constructed for its time; the warmth and glow of those gathered within the home was a memorable moment.

It is not difficult to envision that the small offset in the living room,where the organ was, is the area where a coffin was placed. Many times family and friends were seated in front of it for a funeral  service. After the service, the door to Maple Road access and yard was opened and the body carried to its grave- site in the cemetery. The procession of family and friends followed the pallbearers and family members to the grave site.

The history of the home and  its presence really does matter.

Some pictures are presented of the people that do so much to make the Holiday Market a success and the events that do so much  for the community by bringing the Holidays alive for community ‘s enjoyment. A great event and experience for all.

Artist Sheryl Wagner Panther

Sheryl Wagner Artist


Author Steven Hartman

Wixom’s Own Author Steven Hartman


Welcome to Wassail Evening

Greetings – Wassail Evening

Wassail Treats

Wassail Treats

Guest in Wire House

Bertha King at the Wassail Event

ice sculpture

Beautiful Ice Sculpture

There was much to see and do during the opening of the Christmas Holiday Market. Wixom was filled with a pride in spirit and of fun- filled Christmas cheer. Let the season begin and let us be thankful for all that we have, and all that was done on our behalf to bring a spirit of  the holidays creating within the Community a Holiday characteristic and reflective of our community’s traditions and values. Values that are impregnable, solid, and  consistent with our way of life.

Thanks to all those who allowed me to photograph their participation and discuss the Holiday Market. Their products and hobbies,  and their valued interests in Wixom are essential for the success of the event. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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