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Wixom’s Industrial, Technical and Housing Resurgence

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There are many places for individuals to build a home, entrepreneurs to start a business, or doctors to develop a medical-tech center or an  engineer to build a light industrial manufacturing facility. But they do not have to pick the City of Wixom to accomplish any of these achievements. Why pick Wixom?

Perhaps by understanding the past, we may begin to understand why Wixom is now beginning to see a resurgence in several areas of development within the community. It has to be noted that the City of Wixom has grown from the outside in, not a traditional development.

That is to say, the early residential areas developed around the wetlands and watercourses because the popular trend of the extrication of people out of the Detroit metropolitan area was to get free of the city and move into the rural  countryside where living was attractive. No traffic, fewer people, good schools, and reasonable costs.

Ford Motor brought the Village of Wixom into the manufacturing world. Expressways, railroad access, cheap land, adequately zoning, the availability of a trained and experienced workforce, and the land had water availability and  access to electrical power.

There were also many suppliers, machine shops, and vendors that followed the Ford development and established local shops to support the Ford Motor Company’s manufacturing efforts. The Planning and Zoning of the land below Pontiac Trail was zoned Heavy Industrial for many years; however, as time progressed changes were made to include Light Industrial Development; then, as the population grew, Freeway Service Zoning entered the development aspects as did the new fad of the time: Industrial Research Office Zoning.The latest Zoning interest is now PUD, a Planned Unit Development Overlay !

Today, Wixom now has Manards, General RV,  Wendys, Wixom Station, many light manufacturing and global technical companies located throughout the City. Wixom continues to grow from the outside in and new development has now reached not only the periphery of the City, but also is impacting the internal development of the downtown area with residential development and pending new businesses.

Many companies and developers have realized that if they do not now acquire the available land within Wixom, their economic ventures may not develop or prosper. They may have to relocate further west, purchase higher priced and inaccessible land. Additionally, there may be no access to sewers, to water, or the availability of power transmission. Infrastructure is the necessary attribute for development and Wixom has most of those development attributes in place.

It is said that opportunity knocks, but development sometimes recognizes that it has to kick-down the door to  get into a community. Wixom will not only open the door for developers, but it will also give developers a seat at the table and a cup of coffee. [This is true as long as the local political entrepreneurs stays away from the table.]

Over the years, Wixom’s Administration has stream-lined its planning and permitting process and is ready for those developers who  knock on the door; however, they do not have to kick it down. Developers, manufacturing and technological interests are now recognizing the attributes of opportunity offered within and around the periphery of Wixom. Their view of infrastructure attributes for development is very positive.

Understanding these attributes makes Wixom economically attractive. Future development will come steady to Wixom but will move first into the available land areas for their particular development interests.

Wixom is adequately zoned but must restrain itself from over-reach of multiple ideas and over-layed zoning that may lead into a hodge-podge of land use. Planning  and Zoning must adhere to the best practices of developing the community we want to be in the future. That community must  have a balance of commercial, technical, light industrial  and manufacturing, tempered with med-tech attributes interlaced with the hospitals that surround the community.

There too must be an educational opportunities within the community for entrance into trade skills through to high-tech facilities that offer ever challenging and changing technologies that provide for educational interests for residents by providing the facilities, teachers, and academic curriculum so necessary for competing in a global market place.

This is a minuscule view of Wixom from past to present. It is important to note the difference between then and today. The differences are dramatic as is the global economy. Wixom’s residents must understand the world around it, and the dynamics that have changed and forced the community into the reality of today.

By recognizing the inevitable and embrace the challenges of the future, Wixom must welcome the developers and tech-ops when they come knocking on the door. The facilitation of their interests and the City’s to a mutual consent agreement is to make Wixom the epic-center of economic sustainability for the future resurgence of the community and the area.

The community has before it opportunities and challenges. Both must be met with equal objectiveness by treating facts without distortion, developers without prejudice.

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