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There can be much discussed and said about the results of the past election. A lot depends  upon who  is  doing  the talking and who is the listener. Differences of opinions of what is stated, was stated, whether facts and figures were distorted has become the norm in Wixom’s Politics. The root cause: a new version of “politics” is now the norm in Wixom. Power and influence appears to be the prevailing interest in governance in today’s political  trend.

In many ways the integrity of the election process has been disposed of or trashed. Typically, the Mayor ran for two terms, then retired and let the door open for those individuals who were being mentored “in-the wings” of the Planning Commission or coming  from one of the City’s Boards and Commissions. Those mentored individuals had a feel for the ways and means of governing and establishing legislative policy and an understanding of the budgeting process and the issues facing the community.

One real issue is economic growth of the area with an emphasis on technical and industrial businesses and supporting the development of the many vacant parcels with downtown business area. Business interests that bring revenues and people into the area for shopping or living is essential. Education also has much to do with  economic development.

An intrinsic problem within the present council’s view is the  lack of enforcing the City’s Charter requirements or following the dictates written within the City’s Charter. Mischief by elected officials goes on without any punitive or  acknowledgement of the actions known; therefore, breeds mistrust in local government. Unfortunately, those Managers and Administrators entrusted with the responsibility of taking action or investigating the issue can be a part of the problem.

An Administration which does nothing is an action, and presently,  inaction supersedes legitimate inquires for the benefit of the people.

Getting back to the relevance of comments about the election, the written and spoken words coming from the  individuals that spoke them are better read than anyone trying to summarize them in a few paragraphs. It  is  better that you, the reader, read for yourself in the contest of when and what is said at the Council’s table.

Upon reading their individual comments, you to may judge for yourself the nature and character of those that speak of politics and the nature of competency to hold elected office in Wixom.

Here is the link; Council comments are interesting.


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