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General RV and Menards gave new life

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New Business / New Beginnings

Once a vibrant Ford Wixom Plant built one of the most prestigious vehicles on this agriculture land. It was the manufacturing plant that initiated the transition from the  quiet Village surrounded by farmlands and pasture fields that transitioned a Village into the City of Wixom.

With their Flagship Lincoln plant abandonment by Ford and dismantled, a brown-field took its place. The dismantling also decimated the tax base of  the City.

Then the second-wave hit everyone. The economic depression, bank failures, the housing crises with homes lost and unemployment increasing, the destruction of Detroit became apparent.

A mega manufacturing center on a global basis, Detroit’s assembly lines came to a dead stop. Their failure drew cries of employees’ wages and benefits too high, and why save a worthless City? It had  created its own demise was the story of the North. The name Rustbelt became the catch-word terminology of  the day.

Detroit and Wixom went into and continues to climb out of the crises. Wixom also continues to rebuild its tax base through economic development and efforts through the DDA, LDFA and Main Street initiatives.

But out of the economic gloom came two development initiatives that brought hope and added some cash in the form of taxes to the redevelopment of the Ford property.

General RV and Menards gave new life to Ford’s brown-field. Because of the availability of I-96 ingress and egress to the Assembly Park, there are visions for additional out-lot business development now under consideration. Menard’s development efforts have brought new businesses inquires to the property. More development would be a boost for the City.

Hope in the Making?

Taxes and Employment were available



The Ford Assembly Plant brought employment to the area and a much needed  taxes to the Community. Its demise was a tremendous economic blow  to  the  community.

However, let us give credit to General  RV for their efforts to remain in Wixom. Let us also recognize Menards for their entry into the community  and  their efforts to add additional businesses to their future development. All development efforts are welcomed. The City of Wixom needs more development.  The accompanying tax revenues from such development will bring additional dollars to a shrinking budget and add sustainability to maintaining community services. Welcome to Menards and THANK YOU,  General RV for  your confidence in continuing your business in Wxom.

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