Election Numbers & Candidates: Parts 1, 2, & 3

Part  1      Election Review

It is interesting to review the election results from a variety of perspectives and to make some determinations based upon the data available.

For example, documenting how votes were distributed by prescient, how much money candidates spent on the election, the total voters registered vs the actual voter turnout and other considerations.

For this review, perhaps a little insight focused on candidates spending to get themselves elected to the Mayor’s seat or a council’s seat is of interest. Regardless of the costs, does money have an influence in the Wixom’s election?

Obviously, elections will  continue, candidates elected, insults  thrown about,  and distortion of facts are distributed to residents in various forms. However, one thing is certain, elections are now a nasty proposition in Wixom.

Obviously, cracks are beginning to show not only in the roads, but also, political ruts are becoming embedded within and throughout the community.  Political factions are creating serious issues because their incentives to success are either paved or cracked  based upon elected political interests, not community’s interests.

Businesses and industries essential success within the community is dependent upon a level road or playing field with equal development rules for all. When the road to success for business and  industry is blocked by political interests, not only does business and industry fail, but also the community’s economic value deteriorates.

The political seeds have been planted within our community. Those seeds can  be viewed within the minutes of several council meetings. The community, business and industry now garner what the political electorate has established.

Voter vigilance is now essential in this new political induced economic-development arena. Nevertheless, hope is in the future once the public understands and acknowledges that these active political factions, may have a detrimental effect upon the community.

Furthermore, business and  industry will not tolerate a road to know-where; specifically, if that road leads to a financial dead-end based upon political interests and quid-pro-quo-demands.

Driving to the Polls

Driving to the Polls

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Supporters and sign a must

Part 2  Candidates’ Interactions.

A stroll around the Civic Center on election day offered some interesting remarks and interactions. The interaction with two distinguished candidates were found to be rather…emotional?

Having a camera with me to take some election pictures, I approached several different candidates’ supporters to take a picture. Suddenly, one Candidate ran away from the group shouting loudly, “I do not want to be in this picture! Do no take my picture! If you take my picture, I will sue your ASS!” What can you say to that? The supporters, now standing for the picture, looked in dismay at the actions of the Mayor.

Another Candidate may have thought that the election was a life or death situation.  I approached the candidate saying, “I wish you luck.” He stated, “You don’t really mean that!” I said, “Yes I do.” His response,”No! You don’t mean that!” I  said, “Yes I do! This is only an election, not a life or death situation!” Mr. Ziegler said,”Get out of here!” I walked away.

Admittedly, “we” are at opposite ends of the transparency and other  matters of political and administrative actions and policies. However, my years in the political arena and either winner or loosing an  election is important. Although I also understand that city elections are also critical matters. However, are definitely not life or death situations.

For me, life is reality and a local election victory or defeat is serious, but it is near the bottom of my bucket list when actual matters of living or dying are considered.

Part 3   Getting to the Numbers

There are 9,798 registered voters in the City of Wixom.

Total Ballots Cast:  1613         A Voter turnout of 16.5%  (disappointing)

Mayor Candidate’s Spending

Mayor Hinkley _$3,756.47__Votes received_917__

Candidate Kennedy _$3776.08__Votes received_679_

Council Candidate’s Spending

Candidate Gottschall _$1,301.00__Votes received_917_

Candidate Smiley___$1,449.05___Votes received_910_

Candidate Grossi ___Waiver]____Votes received_582_

Candidate Rhein ___Waiver____Votes received_172_

Candidate Ziegler_$1,306__Votes received_937_

Of interest also is the Precinct Voter turnout for Mayor and Council.

Precinct #1  554  Votes cast  /Registered Voters 2,423 = 22.86 % turnout

Precinct #2  487  Votes cast / Registered Voters 2,007 = 24.27 % turnout

Precinct #3  139  Votes cast / Registered Voters 3,025 = 4.60 % turnout

Precinct #4  433  Votes cast / Registered Voters 2327 = 18.61 % turnout

________ 1613___  Total Votes Cast for Mayor and Council…all precincts:

Total registered voters for all precinct: 9,782   [16.5 % ref]

For Mayor: Votes by Precinct

Hinkley                             Kennedy

Precinct #1    258 Votes                     284 Votes

Precinct #2    277 Votes                     207 Votes

Precinct #3    80 Votes                         58 Votes

Precinct #4    302 Votes                     130 Votes

So, as a Community With Character,[and for the immediate future] a Voter turnout of 16.5 percent elected the Mayor and members of Council while 83.5 percent of Voters did not vote.

Therefore, New Rule: “When taxes are considered or sewer and  water rates are raised, or additional bonds required, only 16.5 percent of the Voters are allowed to complain or comment; the rest, 83.5 %  [no pun intended] have to be contented with the results.

Congratulations to Mayor and the Councilman elected. Your work ahead as members of Council will be difficult and stressful. However, Wixom has proven to be a resilient community. When the  Mayor and Council work together through discourse and determination, the interests of the community should be well served.


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