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Historical Antiques Fair – “Successful Event”

Butter cherenOnly Fred, the Antique expert, knew what this article was, none could guess it. Their guesses: soup kettle, place to hide you kid, corn cooker, and it could be used as a flower pot.  Estimated value: between $400 +/- for the apple butter copper kettle with its stirring tool.

Cradle top viewThe wooden cradle shown was not taken in for appraisal. My Father, born in 1900, slept in this cradle. The copper apple butter churn and the cradle came from my grandfather’s farm.

Unfortunately, as a teenager, I hid a few treasures in the attic and in the garage of my home in Pennsylvania. There was a Union Army hat, an Army pistol holster, and in the garage, a Union Army horse saddle; somehow they were lost when I moved to Michigan. Should have taken the items with me when I moved.

I was not into antiques in those days. They were just articles that I somehow became attached to. I was intrigued by their history: who used them and where were they used? My Father never talked about them; never understood that.

Dingeldey and KingMg. Graham At workbid itemsSorry for drifting off the subject…. Everyone had a great time reviewing the antiques, and the silent  auction event was very enjoyable. The Historical Society does a wonderful job and their membership’s commitment to the community over these many  years has been tremendous.

They do much with  the donations they are given. The assistance and the sponsorship by the Wixom Station Restaurant and the raising of $1500.00 dollars gave the Historical Society a  tremendous assist in their preservation efforts.

Pictured above are Nancy Dingeldey, Vice President, Bertha King, Trustee, and  Graham Bennett, Trustee of this fine organization. Graham was also the treasurer for a long time.

If you want to know more about the Historical Society, please call the President, Laure Dorchak @ 248-624-3950 or you may e-mail her:

These are great people doing the community’s historical work.The preservation of the  valued but few historical places within Wixom depends entirely upon the Historical Society’s efforts and the community’s support.

The Society always needs more help, and you will be graciously welcomed and appreciated when you show up at their meetings. While there, you too could lend a helping hand. They would love to have your support.

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