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Nick Kennedy is Keystone to Change in Leadership

Nick Kennedy is Keystone to Change in Leadership

Nick Kennedy is the Keystone to Change in Leadership from the Mayor’s  seat. Quality of Leadership is essential to  good government. Leadership, you either have it or you don’t. Mayor Hinkley leads the Legislative Council and Mr. Hinkley’s behavior has deteriorated Wixom’s  Community of Character image.

Mr. Kennedy has a  professional quality that demonstrates the attributes worthy of  being Mayor. Mr. Kennedy has a character equal to and consistent  with the  expectations of a Community with Character. Furthermore, he has demonstrated those personal and professional  qualities that are essential prerequisites to sit in the Mayor’s seat.

Contrasting to Mr.Kennedy’s professional attributes is Mayor Hinkley’s recklessness with Administrative management and his divisive management style; his personal attributes and behavior at the Council’s table, are inconsistent with the requirements of  sitting  in the Mayor’s seat. Mr. Hinkley’s decision to become a political player and established unacceptable ways and means to redefine Wixom’s government is based upon his own rules detrimental to the community. His Rules of economic development interests have divided businesses and industries. His lack of professional acumen, his destruction of personnel records and public documents  is unacceptable behavior. Finally, his orchestrated and revengeful attitude of City Manager, Mr. Nowicki’s decisions to reduce the Costs of Administrative governance was distasteful to Mayor Hinkley’s  desire to maintain a status- quo organization that  was economically unsustainable because Taxpayers cannot afford to suffer from Administrative self- inflected financial costs to the community.

Voters’ Election of Nick Kennedy is a defining way forward. A critical change in Leadership gives the taxpayers, business and industry a  just and equal opportunity for economic sustainability of the community.

Vote….Nick  Kennedy is the right individual for Mayor….Vote


Candidate Keenan Gottschall -Gottschall

In order to restore transparency with our residents, Mr. Gottschell will motion to have all open city council meetings recorded and all relevant council documents made available online so our residents know what is truly going on at their city hall. The maintain of records and the transparency is essential because the  records of present Council incumbents: Mr. Giddings and Ziegler are strongly opposed to any transparency. Mr Gottschall has a strong interest in the  Council  and is aware of the financial cliff and will work diligently to resolve these economic dilemma. His education  and  business  experience will reinforce his  ability to  understand the revenue to expenses relevance. 

Mr. Gottschall  noted that Wixom is at a crossroads with the development of the downtown area and the property where the Ford plant once stood, Mr.Gottschell understands that homeowners and new businesses are in need of lower taxes and fair and equal rules for development interests. By working towards a lower tax rate for all, he is focused in the correct direction to resolving present issues. Present incumbent candidates have not demonstrate community interests, but rather-personal  self-interest detrimental to the community.

Vote….Keenan Gottschall  to Council. He is the right individual for Council….Vote


Concerned, Industrious,transparency in Government

Concerned, Industrious,transparency in Government

Mr.  Smiley said it best and it is worth repeating here.
One of my priorities is transparency. I want  the people of Wixom to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Government behaves best when there are no secrets. Fiscally, it is imperative to become a leaner, more efficient example of local government. I will consistently challenge status-quo expenditures to insure our monies are well spent. It’s no secret that our Nation’s economy is fragile – positioning Wixom to be prepared for what may come is crucial and is at the core of my priorities. I pledge to assist and simplify business growth that improves our community without sacrificing any of Wixom’s charm. I pledge to be open to all communications and seek fact based decisions. Finally, I promise to hold myself and city officials accountable to the highest ethical standards and to never forget our accountability is to the taxpayers.

Wixom elected Mr. Smiley as a Precinct Delegate in 2014. He was then elected by fellow delegates to attend the County and State Conventions where he worked hard for responsible and accountable government.

Mr. Robert Smiley is a worthy and knowledgeable Council Candidate. His professionalism, family attitude and community interests present Voters with an opportunity for changing the Council for the betterment of the Community.
Vote….Robert Smiley to Council. He is the right individual for Council….Vote


The Administrative road ahead will be difficult, but with new Mayor and a new council, the Community with  Character will prevail; however, the  Community gets what they vote for.

Quality in government requires good ethical candidates. Those Candidates named can and will do their jobs. Vote with confidence and insure the integrity and future of the community.

VOTE today! The FUTURE of Wixom requires your participation and vote. Change is essential, not chance!

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