Hinkley Reelected Mayor

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Mr. Robert Smiley  was Elected  to a  four-year Council term.

Candidate Keenan Gottschall -GottschallMr. Keenan Gottschall and Mr. Robert Smiley were both Elected to a four-year Council Term.

The Election  returns are in and it was a winning  total of 917 votes for incumbent Mayor Hinkley to 679 votes for challenging  Councilman,  Nick Kennedy. The vote was 57% for Hinkley to 43 % for Kennedy. Mayor Hinkley will lead the council for another two years. His work will be challenging,  but with a new council, some of that challenge could be reduced.

Loosing candidates were incumbent  Councilman Giddings,  pulling 559 votes (14 %) , Candidate Grossi, 582 Votes (14%), and challenger Krigner with 172 votes (4%).

Winning Council seats were Mr.Keenan Gottschell with  917 votes (22%) and Mr. Robert Smiley with 910 votes(22%). Incumbent Candidate, Richard Ziegler received 937 votes (23%), a number greater than the Mayors.

Congratulations to Mayor Hinkley,  Councilman Ziegler and to those two newly elected to  Council: Mr. Keenan Gottschall and Mr. Robert Smiley. Their work on council will be challenging, but  with a newly  formed council, it is believed that a  new direction will be favorable to the future of the Community.

The Voters have spoken; let the new business  of the Administration begin in the New Year with optimism  for the difficult work ahead.

Picture of Mayor Hinkley

Congratulations to Mayor Hinkley on his  Reelection victory.

Congratulations also to Sandra Messing, Jennifer Mulder and James Lowe who were elected to the Library Board.

For those candidates who  did not win in the election, stay involved with the community. It is only through discussion and participation that Wixom will become a better place for everyone who  lives or works here.

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