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Nick Kennedy is Keystone to Change in Leadership

Nick Kennedy is the Keystone to Change in Leadership on the Council.

Mayor’s Endorsement

Councilman Nick Kennedy has Proven Conservative Leadership. He has committed to TRANSPARENCY, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, and has demonstrated and understands LEADERSHIP. He has a strong record in Private Business and Public Service. He brings to  the Mayor’s seat a strong background in business and government and a persona that can diffuse the present antagonistic and misguided personal controversy among some members of Council.  Nick Kennedy understands Controlled Spending, Balanced Budgeting, and the need for providing essential services to the community.

Nick Kennedy is the candidate of choice for Wixom’s Mayor.

**************Council Endorsement**************

Candidate Robert Smiley

Concerned, Industrious,transparency in Government

Robert Smiley Excellent  Candidate

Robert Smiley is a concerned and interested Candidate, has attended Council meetings; demonstrated due diligence in his efforts to understand the issues and discussing those issues with the constituency. His PLEDGE to residents is a solid commitment that would lead to positive change on the Council. There is an abundance of “mischief”present and past of incumbent candidates. Experienced incumbents for years have offered little constructive value to the Council or the Community. Valued incumbent positions and their votes are wasted; experience…channeled through back-door politics, undisclosed conflict-of-direct or indirect influence of the public affairs, unjustly compromises the economic interests of the community.

Electing Robert Smiley to a Council position is a wise choice. His PLEDGE for an Effective and Efficient Administration of Council’s legislative duties is precisely what the Council requires at this time.

Voters should elect Robert Smiley To Council!

**************Council Endorsement**************

Candidate Keenan Gottschall

Keenan Gottschall  Excellent Candidate

Keenan Gottschall is seeking election to the Council for a second time. Keenan has retained his interest in the community since the election of 2013 . Keenan has a very strong interest in all aspects of the Administration, has attended Council meetings and understands the issues. Candidate Keenan Gottschall stated, “I am running for City Council to restore honest leadership to Wixom, and to ensure a strong and secure financial future for our close-knit community. In order to restore transparency with our residents, I will motion to have all open city council meetings recorded and all relevant council documents made available…” I will work to help make Wixom an attractive community for homeowners and new businesses by working towards a lower tax rate for all. Our current council members have already started to speak of passing another tax increase, rather than fixing our current budget problems.

Having graduated with Honors from Illinois Institute of Technology with a degree in Political Science and minors in Architecture and Business, Voters should elect Keenan Gottschall. His continued interest in the Community has not waned.

Voters should elect Keenan Gottschall to Council!

Editorial Comment:

Mayor Hinkley has demonstrated that ego and power are instrumental in his Administration and the lack of Leadership is absent within the Council. Mr. Hinkley has been the obvious root-cause of many of the Council’s internal and business issues: specifically, the dismissal of the City Manager, Mr. Tony Nowicki who saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars and who efficiently and effectively restructured the Administration.

Mr. Nowicki’s Administration did not buy into a Council’s desire to retain status-quo staffing and retention of legacy associated costs that would increase with Hinkley’s status-quo strategy.

Why would any Mayor concoct a dismissal of the “Engine that pulled the Train” and did the heavy-lifting for the Council? Mr. Nowicki’s Administration saved tax-dollars to the residents, businesses,  and commercial interests of the City. For these reasons and others, Mr. Hinkley desire to sit on the Dias as the Deity is not in the best interests of the Council or the community.

The mischief of Mayor Hinkley, damaged the integrity of the Council, and decimates the

Economic Vitality and Harmony within the Community and the Supporting Businesses.

Voters should reject the reelection of Mr. Hinkley.

Other Candidates

Mr. Giddings, incumbent to council brings experience in contractual and real estate expertise to the Council and has demonstrated a knowledge in development areas to the benefit of the council. However, his direct or indirect financial visibility and overview regarding corporate interests in local development have not been consistently disclosed. Voters should recognize these conflicts of potential interest are not in the best interests of the Community’s economic development. Voters need to be advised that potential conflict of interests leads to competitive insider benefits that are disruptive to local building and development. Voters, take head of this situation as reelection of Mr. Giddings may continue the disruptive benefits of future development within Wixom.

Reelection of Mr. Giddings is not advised.

Mr. Ziegler, incumbent to council brings experience to the Council but over the years his participation and influence has created a lack of Transparency. His propensity of Council interests and behind-closed door-politics is an intentional  quality relative to the desire of having no interest in public scrutiny of Council’s affairs. Mr. Ziegler constantly requests the Administration to research and accomplish the heavy-lifting in essential community services; over-the-years he has never offered a single-definitive-plan, program, or budgeting initiative of value to the Community. His participation in the dismissal of Mr. Nowicki should also be a cause for concern. His, “We need to discuss the issues” is not a plan of action, but rather a plea for someone else to-do-something!” Voters, take head of this situation!

The reelection of Mr. Ziegler may continue the disruptive benefits of future Council’s Budgeting and Economic Development; additionally, his activities may unnecessarily contribute to the disruption of progress within the Council and the Administration.

Reelection of Mr. Ziegler is not advised.

Mr. Grossi and Mr. Krigner are both seeking election to the Council. Unfortunately, neither have demonstrated any sincere interest in the financial, economic, or any Administrative issues of the community; neither have experience or benefited from participation on any commission or board. If their future interests in the community become apparent, their candidacy may have more relevance and validity to the benefit of the Council and the community. Time will tell. Voters cannot realistically consider their election for the reasons stated.

Vote on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The future of the Community is dependent upon election of Candidates that are ethical and focused on the issues of the Community.

Library Board Election

The Library is a tremendous asset to the Community. There are two candidates running for two-six year seats on the Library Board: Sandra Messing and Jennifer Mulder. Both should be elected.

There is a single candidate, James C. Lowe running for a partial term ending 12/31/2017. Mr. Lowe should be elected.



  1. Ron Nordstrom

    October 30, 2015 at 8:43 am

    Mr. Nowicki was tasked with reducing spending and told to look under every rock for places to cut. Once he went after the soccer program, run by the Mayor’s wife, his days were numbered. Mr Zeigler’s wife was also a union employee of the city. I could never understand how a Mayor and Councilman could have spouses working for the city especially when it came to negotiations. I would be curious to see the number of volunteers working for the city as compared to when the current mayor took over. How many programs no longer exist? They will blame a shortage of funding, but many communities do a lot more with a lot less. A sense of community no longer exists in Wixom. Its very sad.

    • Wayne Glessner

      October 30, 2015 at 11:14 am

      Mr. Nordstrom, Thanks for your comments. Regards!

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