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Keenan Gottschall Council Candidate Responds

I am running for City Council to restore honest leadership to Wixom…

A questionnaire was sent to all candidates: The Subject?

What issue/s is /are the prevailing reason/s Voters should elect you to the office you seek in the pending election?

Here is Mr.Keenan Gottschall’s response!

I am lucky to have been able to call Wixom home for 27 years. As a lifelong resident of Wixom, I have seen our city grow, and Wixom has helped to instill in me our community’s values and morals. I understand that the foundation of a strong Wixom is our small, close-knit community; it is with the sense of helping my neighbors that I am campaigning for your vote as a Wixom City Councilmember.

My life is dedicated to our community. I graduated with Honors from Illinois Institute of Technology with a degree in Political Science and minors in Architecture and Business, and moved back to Wixom to set down my roots. I work as a full-time Realtor with Real Estate One Commerce helping home buyers and sellers throughout the Lakes Area. My free time is spent as a volunteer youth sports coach with St. William, local baseball leagues, and Walled Lake Community Basketball.

I am running for City Council to restore honest leadership to Wixom, and to ensure a strong and secure financial future for our close-knit community.

Our current council members have already started to speak of passing another tax increase, rather than fixing our current budget problems. I will quickly act to begin limiting non-essential city spending, and begin a comprehensive study of every line item on our budget for flexibility and savings.

In order to restore transparency with our residents, I will motion to have all open city council meetings recorded and all relevant council documents made available online so our residents know what is truly going on at their city hall.

Finally, Wixom is at a crossroads with the development of the downtown area and the property where the Ford plant once stood. I will work to help make Wixom an attractive community for homeowners and new businesses by working towards a lower tax rate for all. I will also empower our Economic Development team to aggressively market Wixom to attract new business tax revenue.

All candidates did not respond, they will be published as I receive them. Next: Mr. Mr Kennedy and Mr. Smiley as they did respond.

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