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City Managers’ Performance Reviews & Recreation Business Files Missing

It is with considerable irritation and disbelief that what I have read and now publish.

It is with considerable reluctance, irritation and disbelief that what I have read, I now write and publish for practical reasons. The paper trail has validity. What is so disturbing to me? I cannot reasonably believe what is happening to our Administration and the direction that political animosity, perhaps vengeance and destruction of department files are potentially a way and means of day-to day business.

According to City Manager, Mr. Goodlein, previous City Managers’ Performance Reviews do not exist. The political mischief created within the Community Center follows into the Mayor’s Office and potentially into the Administration as the business and coordination files and folders of the Recreation Department Computer was wiped clean and business folders went missing.

Part 1) Recreation files deleted.

Is it possible that a City Employee would delete Recreational Events documents from their Computer files of City Accounts and remove hard cover files from their folders when leaving the employment of the City? Are not Computers password protected per City Policy? The answer is yes!

What was deleted and removed is the direct link between the City, the Vendors and the Suppliers that supports and DONATES to the Community’s Services events. The businesses Donations support the very life’s blood of these events by their contributions and sponsorship.

And how and why did this happen? And if in fact it was an employee or another person in collusion, for what purpose would files be destroyed. What would be gained from this computer file deletions and file folders removal from the Community Center?

Some events bring pedestrian traffic to local businesses which is good for all

To date, here is what the review and the paper-trail for the files deletion and folder removal indicate.

********I have in my possession a hard copy of an e-mail dated Tuesday, December 02,2014*******.

From: Deanna Magee to Melissa Harrison; Kathleen Venegas The subject: Computer Files.

The e-mail states,”After several months, I am trying to recall the computer situation we encountered with Linda Hinkley’s computer files. Can you review and add/delete or make changes to the process and the situation. Thanks

After Linda Hinkley’s retirement in March we tried to locate files on Linda’s computer to prepare for Founder’s Day. Upon my process of location these I could not find these files on the computer. I then, asked Melissa to look for them, in case I was not looking in the correct location. Both her and I discovered there were folders jackets, but no files in them. There was a few others, not many in PDF format that we couldn’t transform to current year. Then I requested IT to look for them and they couldn’t find them either.

The same occurred with most of the files. Sponsorship, BBQ & Blues, & Holiday Market.”

Signed: Deanna Magee


From: Melissa Harrison To: Deanna Magee

Response: “Yes this is correct-Deanna asked me if I could find files, there was only little miscellaneous stuff left.

There were files folders for certain events— but when you clicked on them…nothing was in them. It was all gone. There were some PDF files left. Nothing that we were able to change. Had to start from scratch. At that point she asked Darren to see if he cold retrieve them, from what I understand this was not possible.

There was hard copies of the past Founders Day stuff in folders from the past that I did have to work off of.”


Based upon this e-mail communication of December 02, 2014, I asked the following questions to Mr. Nowicki

The questions asked:

1) Were Linda Hinkley’s Computer/s password protected and the missing files folders inserts were they under lock and key?
2) Who other than Linda had access to these files?
3) Why would anyone take these files? For what reason or benefit?
4) Finally, was there an investigation in to when and how the files were accessed and removed?
5) If not an investigation, why not?


Mr Nowicki’s response:

1) The computer assigned to Linda contained her work products which, according to staff, had been deleted. As this computer was assigned to her, it would have been password protected per the City’s Computer Policy.
2) Unknown. However, it would have been her responsibility to protect those files.
3) Unknown. The information pertained to events and other P&R matters associated with the City of Wixom.
4) The City’s IT Consultant attempted to recover the files, however was unable to do so. As was relayed to me, Linda accessed the facility, and subsequently the computer, during non-regular working hours and unknown, at the time, to her supervisor. Staff was ultimately able to recreate the missing information from hard files, although costs were incurred for such.
5) It was some time after the departure of Linda that I was made aware of the missing files. She had already received her final pay out and the missing information had been recreated.


Part 2) City Managers’ Performance reviews do not exist.

Through my filing of the FOIA on October 6, I requested the Performance Reviews and rating forms for the City Manager, Mr. Nowicki for years 2014 & 2015. The letter I received from the Clerk’s office stated, “After extensive review of the files, they found Mr. Nowicki’s performance reviews for 2014 & 2015 did not exist.

In a telephone conversation to City Manager, Mr. Goodlein he stated that, “Mr. Dornan’s performance reviews did not exist either. He did not know why they were not available, and obviously, he did not know where they were.

Mr. Goodlein noted, “The performance review in a sealed envelope was brought into a meeting. The review was completed, apparently discussed with Mr. Nowicki. The review was given to the Mayor.” What happened to that review after that is not known.

However, the policy: all Employees performance reviews must be put into the employees folder for a variety of reasons: Legal, wage and salary, attitude/cooperation, knowledge, development, and other evaluation factors so essential to individual development as well as Corporate requirements that meet union and non-union policy and personnel requirements.

The destruction of employee records defies basic common management sense and destroys Corporate communications with staff and Employee/Employer and there are legal employee/employer situations that require documentation of those relationships that must be satisfied and maintained in many instances.

Records of Employee performance must be maintained and cannot be lost or destroy by whim. The City Manager, Mr. Goodlein must review these actions and an investigation of who, what, when, where, and why is required to maintain the official record of all Employees. Specifically, attention to not loosing those documents for any reason is essential. There is no valid reason for such loss.






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