Political ILL Winds Blow Through Wixom

New Direction is Mandtory

New Direction and Change is Mandatory

There is an ill-political-wind blowing across City Hall and through the downtown area. Hopefully it will not spew forth into the residential and industrial areas of the Community. However, upon the firing of Mr. Nowicki, It was stated that the Mayor has told all Department Heads not to worry, “He has stated that he has everything under control.”

The strategic antics of the dismissal of an excellent employee by the Mayor and Council abounds with the smell of MENDACITY! (to quote “Big DADDY” from “Cat On The Hot Tin Roof“)

Additionally there is no respect for the City Charter. To hell with the City Charter has been a standard comment spoken at several special council meetings. Former Councilman Bill Wyllie comments back in April noted the obvious legal and political arrogance…when he addressed the Council stating his four-point observations.

The political ill-wind that blows from this Council is not what the residents, businesses, industries, Police, Fire, and Administrative staffing needs at this time.

Common sense LEADERSHIP is required and is expected. No excuse is appropriate. Unfortunately for the residents and taxpayers, common sense and Leadership are not on the Administration’s docket. Vengeance and political vindictive pay-backs are actions now sanctioned by the “experienced” members of the Council’s back-door political antics.

I expected more from this Mayor and Council. After all, many are in business: they are our neighbors; the assumption: when elected they wanted what is best for the community. However, their actions and their results over several years, and their mendacity in office have exposed the real motives of their political objectives; today and tomorrow, power and prejudice take precedent over good management and common sense.

I expected more professional behavior from such experienced people. And I and others are disappointed of the present results of obnoxious mismanagement.

There too is the responsibility of the Administration: to duty of their Oath of Office.

However, each elected official sits in their Council seat differently, but there are expectations that these experienced people will do what the community needs and are sincerely interested in the welfare of a city. Such is not the case as the record and want of status-quo wants persists. 

Did the Council not recognize the economic turmoil of the previous years? A state of economic demise was certain if there were no changes made to the staffing and economic status-quo! Making those status-quo changes were difficult, and Mr. Nowicki did the heavy lifting to his demise. He did not want the city to go into default and wanted a realistic balance between Revenues available and Budgeted expenses.

Mr Nowicki, made the difficult management, administrative, and reorganization changes necessary to establish a solid economic base for the Administration to move forward. That fiscal financial outline is now being used by the Mayor and the City Manager; they will take most credit for work they did not do. However, there is much more to do.

We are noted as a Community with Character. A lot of Character was lost with the Council’s termination of Mr. Nowicki.

And so the obnoxious political winds will blows across the downtown and through out Wixom until the voters change the cause of that political wind’s source: the Mayor and those long term Councilmen who restrict transparency and lack motivation to better the community. Vengeance is their motive.

Until then, the risks to the City are great as educated, but incapable Administrative leadership navigates through a Budget and Supervises the present Staff. Hopefully, that Staff can accomplish what is needed in spite of their Leadership.. or rather the lack of it!

Mendacity: the smell is prevalent!

Next: Transparency: if you are a member of Council, you may have to file a “Freedom of Information Act” request form to get the information that is needed, and pay for it! Unbelievable!


Update, the Councilman did not have to pay for the info…



  1. John Brody

    October 5, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    I agree with your post! I have been talking with all the potential council..I will NOT REST until they tear down that wire house and put in a nice bar! I agree with you sir..WE DESERVE BETTER! I would love to get on my bike..head down to the ” Wire House Bar and Grill” have a beer and a bite to eat..then peddle on home (ill stop at the cemetery to pay my respects to Mr. Sibley!)…Keep the faith!

    • Wayne Glessner

      October 7, 2015 at 3:05 pm

      Rest in Peace my friend!Perhaps we could rename the Drafting Table to the Wire House Bar.

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