” Wixom Station Restaurant” Hosts “Historical Society Fund Raiser”

May future generations look back on things accomplished from this day forward…

Wire House Mr. Mrs. TiffenWixom Station                   

A Look back into Wixom’s history and contemplating the future of the Historical Society. .

The 100th Anniversary of Wixom 1871-1971 was a celebration to be remembered. Why? Two events captured the day: The Chicago Fire in 1871 and the Platting of Wixom. These events and many others can be found within the covers of a small book, 100th Anniversary 1871-1971, Wixom, Michigan. “A Pictorial History Wixom, Michigan,” produced by “The Centennial Book Committee.” A great reading for those interested in the History of Wixom and its historical beginnings.

Four-score and four-years have passed since that 100th year celebration. Since then, Wixom has grown from its based economic roots in farming, railroad depot, grain processing, hardware stores, hotels, and general markets by slowly transitioning into a community with an economic composition of manufacturing, industrial processing, medical services, and commercial businesses.

The passing years have seen Wixom’s reputation change from a “City of Opportunities,” to a “Crossroads Community” and into a vibrant “Community with Character.” What makes Wixom different from any other community? It’s their people,and their resilience to define how a Community with Character is accomplished.

It is accomplished by ethical, hard-working and dedicated individuals as those found within the membership and supporters of the Wixom Historical Society. The Historical Society demonstrates what is described as volunteering in the most sincere way. Over many years of generous service, their mission, their objectives are to a ways and means to protect what other see only as old, unwanted, distasteful, dilapidated, or non-essential. The Society thwarts all attempts to those who say, “let’s tear in down and sell the remaining assets and property to the highest bidder.” A typical Administrative ploy in many communities.

A Community with Character is defined by the dedication and diligence of the Historical Society Board of Directors and its dedicated members and followers. Even in the Historical Society’s darkest hours, with few participating active members, but with a loyal dedicated membership, they have persisted and relentlessly pursued their efforts to retain, restore and rehabilitate what is left of what was once an abundance of historical residences and landmarks within the community.

The Historical Society Fund Raiser Hosted by the ” Wixom Station Restaurant” 49115 Pontiac Trail is scheduled for September 29, & 30, 2015.  This is a time for all to show support for the Historical Society, a dedicated organization and their worthy causes. Please consider attending and supporting the Historical Society and its mission of protecting what others describe as old, distasteful, and non-essential.

Looking Back – October, 1970

Mayor, Gilbert C. Willis “City of Opportunities”

Councilmen, Robert Dingeldey, Elwood Grubb, Charles McCall, Gunnar Mettala, Val Vangieson, and Councilwoman, Mary Parvu. Mayor Willis statement follows.

As Mayor of the City of Wixom, it is my privilege to extend a sincere and heartfelt welcome to all visitors and former residents of Wixom who are attending the Centennial festivities and also to all present residents who are participating in this historical era of our city.

Wixom’s history is well documented on the following pages both by interested citizens of our city who have taken the time to preserve our history and by acts of Council as recorded in their minutes since achieving our present status of cityhood. These records however, only become alive when the people caused the action are discussed and their pictures displayed for all to see.

This is the history of Wixom and it’s people, of whom we are justly proud. Join with us in our celebration and honor our past.

May future generations look back on things accomplished from this day forward with the same feeling of pride and grant that we too will be a credit to the past.


Gilbert C, Willis Mayor

To emphasize Mayor Willis’s remarks, “The history of Wixom comes alive when the people who caused the action are discussed and their pictures, and their recorded messages are displayed for all to see.”

Now is that time for all to assist in preserving the history of our time and its people of whom we are justly proud.

There are many to thank and still much to do within the City of Wixom. We can start by supporting the Fund Raising for the Historical Society…”May future generations look back on things accomplished from this day forward with the same feeling of pride and grant that we too will be a credit to the past.”

Thank you Mayor, Gilbert Willis!

Finally, we should follow his wisdom and look forward to things to accomplish now so that we are dutiful and diligent to the present and a credit to our past.




  1. John Brody

    September 28, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    It’s all very nice..but really? I say tear that shack down and put in a nice micro brewery ! That shack is a waste of space and provides no real value other than an eyesore… Come on Wixom..get with the times!

    • Wayne Glessner

      September 28, 2015 at 7:55 pm

      Really, and for a beer joint? Excuse me, Micro brewery! We are getting a nice brewery, so let’s let the Wire House Stand and support the Historical Society’s efforts. Historically, there is obviously much to do.
      Thanks for your comment.

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