Mayoral Candidate, Nick Kennedy Hosted Seniors & Candidates

A display of SENIOR POWER needs to be put on display in this election.

Mr. Kennedy

Mayoral Candidate, Nick Kennedy Hosted Wixom’s Seniors and Candidates

Mr. Gottschall

Candidate Keenan Gottschall made a few comments and

commented on his interest in Wixom.


Mr. Smiley

Candidate Robert Smiley made a few comments and

also commented on his interest in Wixom.

Those that could not attend the meeting were Incumbant Candidates: Mayor Hinkley, Councilman Giddings, and Councilman Beagle.


Seniors Meet the Candidates

Councilman Nick Kennedy, Candidate for the Mayor’s office, held a “get to know the Council Candidates” by hosting a meet-and-greet luncheon with Wixom’s Seniors at the Community Center this past Monday. He welcomed honored guests, Klint Kesto, Wixom’s District 39 State Representative and District 38 State Representative, Kathy Crawford. He also introduced the candidates to the Seniors. It was nice to know that Representatives Mr. Kesto and Ms. Crawford took the time out of their busy schedules to attend Wixom’s meet-and-greet our Seniors and the Candidates.

A large group of Seniors attended the meeting and the gathering demonstrated a willingness of cooperation among the candidates and Leadership by Councilman, Nick Kennedy.

Mr. Keenan Gottchall and Mr. Robert Smiley each stated their reasons for running for Council as well as some of their personal background information to ensure their interests in the Seniors and in the issues regarding the City Of Wixom. Mayoral Candidate, Nick Kennedy did the same.

Ms. Crawford made a short speech about the Seniors’ health and benefits of getting involved in individual activities or by volunteering time and staying healthy. Her comments were well received by the Seniors.

The Senior’s luncheon get-to-know the candidates event was well attended, and the “Goodies” were abundant. Those little cupcakes were wonderful. There was food for all to munch and refreshments while listening to the honored guests.

Councilman Kennedy noted Councilman and Deputy Mayor, Richard Ziegler in attendance and asked if he wished to address the Seniors. He stated that he did not know this to be a political opportunity to speak stating that he was not prepared. Twice, Mr. Kennedy politely requested Mr. Ziegler if he wished to speak; twice Deputy Mayor Ziegler stated that he was not prepared to comment. Mr Ziegler apparently did not anticipate that this meet-and-greet luncheon was a political opportunity to say a few words to his constituency and specifically to the Seniors.

It was astonishing that the long-sitting member of our City Council and the Deputy Mayor, Richard Ziegler could not stand and address the honored guest and the Seniors with a few comments of courtesy. This luncheon was not a free-for-all-political battlefield; it was an introductory meet-greet-luncheon to acknowledge the prospective Council Candidates. Mr. Ziegler was twice encouraged to speak; twice he refused stating that he was NOT PREPARED to speak!

The luncheon was intended to meet and greet the Voters and specifically the Seniors to the new candidates. This was not a must pass SAT or LAT TEST! There was a requirement to be courtesy and acknowledge the honored guests and the candidates, nothing more. It demonstrated a lack of understanding of the moment by Mr. Ziegler, and it would have been a professional gesture had he taken the opportunity and displayed a common courtesy by standing, acknowledge the honored quest, thanked everyone for their attendance, and sat down. Really, quite simple to do.

Preparation? Not a prerequisite for a meet-and-greet luncheon. Get up…speak… and sit down!

There were no discussions of any issues: nothing stated about violations of the City Charter: contracts for City Manager, potential violations of Council member conflict of direct or indirect interests, nondisclosure of details of contracts or transparency; nothing about public affairs, dismissal of an employee without cause. Nothing of Revenue to expenditures issues were addressed; nothing said to ruffle another’s feathers.

While I writing this, I find that I really miss the Spinal Column Newspaper. Their coverage of the last 10 years or so of Wixom’s political actions would have made FRONT PAGE HEADLINES, and the antics of our Administration would have been revealed and their feet held to the fire. The Spinal Column would have had them “dancing” but would have also acknowledged their “Hussle” of the public’s interests.

Now, no news is typically bad news for taxpayers and the community. Hopefully, this will change in the coming election when SENIOR POWER comes into the political fray.

A display of SENIOR POWER needs to be put on display in this election. The City’s Seniors and voters in general should look forward to election day and really consider their election options…change is required to ensure a vibrant community. Historically, the Seniors provide the support required for a much need change. Their votes can make a difference if correctly applied and the issues acknowledged; the interest of the Seniors will be better served and the Community will benefit from their votes and their efforts to initiate positive change.




  1. Dave Weaver

    September 18, 2015 at 10:50 am

    Mr. Glessner, I believe we attended different Senior meetings at the same place and at the same time. The one I attended did mention issues re the leaving of the City Manager (dismissal of an employee without cause), budget, and “swipes” at the present administration. I too miss the Spinal Column – I believe their reporting to be a bit more accurate than is your own. I’d even say some of these issues were mentioned by the candidates as well as yourself when you got up to speak (why did you feel compelled to speak as it was not a meet and greet Mr. Glessner event).
    As I mentioned in a previous comment, I agree I thought Mr. Ziegler could have chosen a softer way to bow out of speaking and the fact that it was a meet and greet for political candidates made the event a de facto political event.
    I would implore you, when reporting, please report accurately and only facts, not innuendo or veiled implication. If you have a bias state it.
    It is always good to hear both sides of a story but it really is a bit much when the voter is left to investigate not only the two sides as well as the reporter who purportedly is presenting the as it really happened facts.

    • Wayne Glessner

      September 22, 2015 at 10:16 am

      Mr. Weaver,
      Thanks again for Writing!
      No, we attended the same meeting. The Spinal Column had more resources, better writers, and talent than this writer. During the Spinal Column days, there was more information available to write correctly about because the details were available.

      True, this was not a meet and greet Glessner meeting; as a former Mayor and Councilman having lived here in Wixom for 40+ years, I know the present candidates. I took the opportunity to say a few words of history on elections, candidates and voting. Facts are troublesome, and I would hope that voters would find out those fact for themselves and make their own decisions.

      I am not a demagogue; I was called a few minutes before the meeting and requested to attend, Therefore, my comments. However, I have a sincere interest in the community and when the opportunity is given to speak, therefore my comments.

      Perhaps I should have a Meet Wayne Glessner EVENT. I think we could have a nice discussions: the history of Wixom form the time when I and others put the shovels into the ground to build the Civic Center; this too would continue up to the time when I stood on the stage next to the Senior Lounge with others and made the Dedication Speech of the completed Civic Center facilities for the Community.

      We too could invite some of the has-beens many who have given a lot of hard work, dedication and time to make the city better.

      But seriously, I too want voters to dig a little deeper into the issues if… they can find the facts. It would be in their own best interest and also the future of the community.

      As you mentioned previously, are there other meetings pending to understand where the candidates positions are on any issues? Perhaps, who knows? Are there really any voter issues? Who knows? I believe the voters should know and understand both sides of an issue, provided they can get to the source of the truth, which is difficult to determine.

      Innuendos or veiled implications?
      The Charter was trashed! The City Manager had a Contract Agreement ! The Council approved it!
      The City Attorney’s disregarded the Charter! The Charter does not authorize CM Contracts.. There is a process within the Charter for dismissal of a City Manager which was not used. Presently, we have a Police Chief; there is no position within the budget for a Police Chief, but a Director of Public Safety…you know, that non-existent department located somewhere, but where! Police and Fire Departments require a Command structure as required by the City Charter. Both Departments can stand on their own two-feet. The good news, perhaps the new City Manager has read the Charter, will make a budget amendment, and Mr. Yahn will not have to work for Food and Drink.

      Bias…Absolutely! I have a bias for good government, specifically good local government. I have a high respect for the Positions of Mayor and Councilmen and Councilwomen. Unfortunately, when Critical structured comments are made about individuals, they are taken as negative and the Commentator, is understood as not being a team-player, or biased.

      I have critically commented on those individuals who over many years have contributed nothing to the benefit of the community and have tried to do that in a professional way. Sorry to have let you and perhaps others down; but that is what happens when I write about politics.
      Mother never said it was going to be easy. You comments are appreciated.
      Thanks, WG

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