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Yes, This Place Does Matter!

Wixom-Wire House and Museum

Wixom-Wire House and Museum

Yes, this little home does matter to a lot of people.  And there is a need for repairs that are costly and historically significant. Your assistance and your donations are very much appreciated. Don’t forget the Ice Cream Social: a great day to have an ice cream cone and support the Historical Society’s efforts and hard work they have done for many, many, years.

YES, IT MATTERSAnd so many years ago, this was a popular vintage home. Life was good for Mr. & Mrs.Tiffen.

Wire House Mr.  Mrs. Tiffen++Many of you have fond memories of visiting the Wixom-Wire House on the southwest corner of Wixom and Maple Roads. It is Wixom’s only museum, preserving a glimpse of pioneer days. The Wixom-Wire House Museum, built in 1855, is in desperate need of repair as the home’s 19th century Michigan basement is beginning to crumble. The estimated restoration cost is expected to reach $25,000.

++From previous publication of the Restoration efforts web site.

The Wixom Historical Society is a small Society with a big-heart. A Community with Character is fortunate to have a wonderful dedicated group of members.

When you understand that “This Place Matters” is not just a banner: it is a call for help and the community needs to acknowledge the request and support the Historical Society in their restoration efforts.

Yes, the Wixom-Wire Museum Home certainly matters!

Thanks in advance for your support and donation.



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