Veterans’ Memorial Dedication 1990


June 9, 1990

Wayne L. Glessner, Mayor

City of Wixom

Welcome / Greetings,

Today will be the second time this week we will have gathered together the Community to make a dedication honoring the commitments, contributions, and sacrifices of those who have served this Community in an honorable manner.

The dedication that we will make here today is a reaffirmation of our gratitude to our War Veterans who have made the highest contribution possible that one individual can make for another—the sacrificing of ones own life for the benefit of another human being.

Many men have dedicated their lives to love, to peace and to justice for his fellow human beings and have died for their efforts.

These men went forward to try to tame the savageness of other men and to attempt to make gentle the life of the World.

  • In life, these men strived to make a difference

  • In their death, we strive to rationalize their deed and our lose.

  • Their expectations in life, and ours, have been cut short; only a memory remains.

  • We understand that there is no such thing as a “Good War,” but there are “Good Men.”

We are gathered here today to Dedicate this Veterans’ Memorial to all these “Good Men” that were lost in all those wars. We are gathered here today to Dedicate this Veterans’ Memorial to our selves, the living, who need to acknowledge your deeds and your sacrifices and our tremendous sorrow.

We, the living, have a heartfelt need and desire to understand and to resolve our loss, and your sacrifice, on our behalf.

Today, we sincerely pray that through this Memorial Dedication, we will have reaffirmed our gratitude to all our War Veterans, and we sincerely pray that through this Dedication, we the living, will find it possible to understand that all men and women who dedicate their lives to love, to peace, and to justice—do make a difference in the world—and they do make gentle the life of the world because of their efforts.

Thank you! And thanks to Mr. Mack, Mr. Craig, the Veterans’ Memorial Committee and God Bless America.

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