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City Manager and Staff: Great Performance!

The Council and taxpayers should be dancing in the streets as Mr. Nowicki and his staff have done an excellent job with reducing the City’s budget while maintaining essential services!

The City Manager and Staff have worked together and made tremendous strides in transitioning the City from a previous debt-ridden operating Administration having excessive department staffing and has stopped the continuation of an unaffordable status-quo staffing. 

The Administration has transitioned into a streamlined efficient and effective staffing that has gained control of expenditures and brought expenses in line consistent with revenues received.

Under the administrative management of Mr Nowicki (with the support of Council), City service departments have streamlined internal department efficiencies.

The City Manager and his Staff have done all the heavy-lifting: Council has given Mr. Nowicki most of the support he has needed as it should be.

However, the Council tends to micro-manage. Overview and legislation are functions of Council; adding costs and staff that the CM has not requested is not their duty.

It is under these circumstances that there are hints that Mayor Hinkley and Council members are reviewing the City Manager’s performance. There is displeasure discussed outside the purview of the public and not at the Council’s table.

What is going on?

There are Council members expressing dissatisfaction of the City Manager. Those specific reasons have yet to be voiced publicly; Council members are having discussions vie e-mails, phone-calls, etc., nothing is said at the council table. The “why” for dissatisfaction is yet to be openly disclosed.

Some Council members are apparently discussing the proposed strategy for dismissal of the City Manager without due cause. Why?

If this strategy is true, it needs to stop now. The City Manager and his staff deserve our gratitude, not an irresponsible action against Mr. Nowicki.

That some members of Council may have personal vendettas systemic from the previous Adminstration may be the reason formulated to instigate the Council’s dismal action against Mr. Nowicki. (old birds of the feather do flock together)

It is recognized that the success of the CM is not always measured in terms of balancing revenues with expenses and maintaining service provided at reduced costs through structured renegotiation. But it is a great reason to have an excellent and ethical City Manager in Mr. Nowicki. He is an attribute not a liability.

Mr. Nowicki has done an exceptional job by managing difficult staffing issues and consolidating operations management activities; none of these objectives were accomplished without tremendous forethought and planning. (should we add anxiety)

But Mr. Nowicki took on the responsibility and accountability of the City Manager’s job. His Ethics in staffing, financial management, and business operations led him to the correct conclusions in transitioning his staff for optimum delivery of service for the community.

The value of the City Manager’s administrative competence and the Council’s cooperation were instrumental in the success of moving the community forward.

Let us understand that we are in a difficult situation, and Mr. Nowicki is on the correct path. Council should let him continue with his success and work on issues worthy of their attention. For example,   demanding that the Administration of the Police Department meet the requirements of the City Charter.

After all, Council members are sworn into office to follow the City Charter, and there is an obligation of duty to comply.

Citizens need to pay attention to this council’s actions and remember this activity in the next election.


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