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Legal (or illegal) Drug Cartel? …Johnson and Johnson Operations

Legal (or illegal) Drug Cartel? That has to be an interesting question as Johnson and Johnson is now paying a 2.2 Billion dollar fine on sales of drugs that made them an estimated 24.4 billion dollars. Nice profit for illegal or legal sales; the best part…nobody goes to jail for these atrocities. I too would pay 2.2 billion if I could keep 22.2 billion. Wouldn’t you?

Apparently, crime does pay and pays big! Eric Holder is a good guy, I think, but the realities of this “deal” that avoids the crime and offers little punishment in lieu of dollars paid in penalties is a joke. A more reasonable penalty should have been 22.2 billion and let Johnson and Johnson keep 2.2 billion.

The least Holder should do is bring criminals to justice and a little more digging in the dirt would be appreciated.


By Brady Dennis  The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — Johnson & Johnson will pay $2.2 billion to resolve civil and criminal allegations involving the marketing of off-label, unapproved uses for three prescription drugs, Justice Department officials announced Monday.

The cases, which date from the late 1990s through the early 2000s, involve alleged kickbacks to doctors and pharmacies to promote the antipsychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega, and a heart drug, Natrecor. The widely anticipated agreement was one of the largest health-care fraud settlements in U.S. history.

What has happened to this country and the ethics of American Corporations? Isn’t it time to review Corporate Charters and consider tearing them up?

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