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3.5 Mills…A Dedicated Disaster!

On November 6, 2012, Wixom’s residents are urged to VOTE NO on a Charter Amendment to increase the present Charter Millage by 3.5 mills to 15.7459 mills.


  • City Administration and Council have refused to bring expenditures in line with the revenues available. Contracts and Legacy costs have not been addressed.


  • Without a complete analysis of cost cutting measures that eliminates wastes, restructures departments for efficiencies, and cuts programs that are not supported by revenues for the services provided, an Amendment for a 3.5 mill increase is without merit.


  • The threat of terminating Police Officers and closing down City Services is not a responsible answer to the issues. Police and Fire Services can be maintained; Departments require restructuring and reorganizing of staffing.


  • A threat of this nature demonstrates unequivocally the inability of the Council and the City Manager to manage municipal financial affairs.


  • Residents and Businesses cannot afford to pay more taxes under these terrible economic conditions.


  • A Defined Budget Stabilization Plan using the revenues available has not been developed showing a deliverable level of services for the community.




Do the MATH: Reorganize, Restructure, and Revitalize as required…SPECIFICALLY the Police Department

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