There is nothing as certain as Change. It is to that premise that the name of the website is changed to the wixomeagle.com. The specific desire is to recognize and acknowledge the News and Events that make Wixom a Community With Character. There is a need to acknowledge the people and businesses that sponsor and donate their time, their generosity and their expertise to community events. Their participation and loyalty to the City of Wixom are events worthy of publication. The wixomeagle.com will continue noting that Facts Are Troublesome; however, with a new identity comes a broader perspective on Wixom and the wixomeagle.com will soar over the community seeking news-worthy events with a much broader perspective. Positive, thought provocative,communication is the new mission of the wixom eagle.com newsletter. It is hoped that you will enjoy and comment on activities and events.

Activities, and the change of a name is not important because a change in direction for a broader perspective on a Community that has Character is essential to the vitality of the community.

Wayne Glessner has been a resident of Wixom, Michigan since 1975. His journey into Community Service started in 1976 when Mayor Val Vangieson (Dr.Val Vangieson, DVM) appointed him to the Acute Care Hospital Committee. That study lead to the now well-known Providence Park Hospital located at the corner of Beck Road and Old Grand River in Novi.

Accepting an appointment to the Planning Commission, Wayne was a strong force for planning and development of the community serving on the Planning Commission for nine years. Wayne’s hard work and attention to details in the community affairs caught the attention of residents who urged him to become a member of the City Council.

Acting on the residents initiatives, Wayne won election to the City Council. As a Councilman, Wayne served on the Building Authority, Local Development Finance Authority, Internal Roads and Main Arteries Committee, Education Committee, Wage and Salary Committee, Facility Study Committee, and the Wixom 2010 Steering Committee. The public and the council noted Wayne’s dedication to community affairs and he obtained the office of Mayor, City of Wixom serving two distinguished terms.

During his tenure as Mayor, the Civic Center and Library construction were completed and the accomplishments initiated the way forward into the development of the downtown area. Additionally, the dedication of Mack Park and Gunnar Mettala Park were made, the Wixom Post Office site became a reality through the efforts of the Administration, Council, and Congressman Broomfield.

When family matters and business responsibilities as a Corporate Vice President in Dearborn, Michigan required his full attention, Wayne choose not to run for a third term as Mayor.

Wayne lives with his wife, Thomasine, in the Northridge Estates Subdivision. Wayne and Thomasine have two children both having homes and families in Wixom: Wayne Glessner Jr. has three children. Daughter, Ami, has two children.

Over the years, Wayne supervised Automotive Engineering and Design teams for Lear Corporation, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Nissan, and Volkswagen in bringing their products to the market place. After thirty-years of service, Wayne retired from a distinguished Automotive Engineering and Business career. Wayne continues to be instrumental in supporting resident’s issues and is a positive force in community affairs and the continued development of Wixom.

Wayne is “officially retired” and is a fly fishing guide and casting instructor when not working on his honey-do-list.



  1. Maxine Powell

    November 18, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    When do I get a signed copy of the book? I’m glad to see you are using all of the skills your older sisters taught you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wayne Glessner

    November 19, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    Yous’ did GOOD!

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