Laurel Valley High School, Remembered (again)

I am publishing “Memories” again for my classmates and in the hope that the 2011 classes of graduates have had the educational and experiences that only high school offers. Hopefully, these fun-filled times will be remember for years to come.
I believe that memories are a gateway to our humanity, as they are a part of us so cherished that forgetting the intensity of the moment would be an unjustifiable, unthinkable loss of our uniquely human persona.
Slowly revealed memories—loved, cherished, but hidden from sight, sometimes are revealed ever so minutely, by bits and pieces, and finally uncovered and exposed to our consciousness where they become once again real: sincere, vibrant, heart-pounding and breath-taking.
Memories, now awakened give enthusiasm, vitality, and nourishment to enriching the senses, lifting up a magical reminiscence giving a rebirth to a once lost jewel. We utter to our self and to the never forgotten YOU, a soft, and Oh so quietly whispered: yes, Oh yes, I do remember when….
Though our memories we once again enjoy the pleasantries of life’s most cherished Moments that once were chilled with time have now been melted into warmth of a refreshing drink that creates a heavenly soothing and satisfying nurturing for the spirit.
Our memories of classmates present and past are forever integrated into our love of their being and ours; grateful are we for their moments with us; grateful for those times and places where the intensity of our togetherness was shared in school years and never have been forgotten.
Memories and emotions, elicited by the desire to make friendships formed in caring ways are intended to permit each of us to enjoy, to facilitate, and to preserve the recalling of classmates’-filled antics and shared jibes of classroom moments.
Above all else, as classmates, we have cherished our continued relationships as friends, cohorts, and patio- puppies. We have retained and remained the Laurel Valley High School Class of 1958…and what a class we were!
Wayne Glessner
Class President / Student Council President
Laurel Valley High School
Bolivar, Pa.
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1 Comment

  1. Wayne Glessner

    January 27, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    my favorite…..

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