Council Views Education as “Economic Engine”

City Council gave considerable attention to a proposal, “Shifting Gears-Education as a Business”, that could potentially provide a much needed economic engine to compensate for the loss of jobs created by the demise of the auto industry.
An educational facility located within the Downtown Village Center Area or strategically located within the Industrial-Technological areas could potentially add considerable economic strength and vitality to the community.

It is a well-known fact that education is a predominant factor in the attainment and retention of jobs.

Education as an industry could continue the transformation of Wixom’s Commercial and Industrial bases, thereby advancing the dynamics and opportunities for the community and the region.

Councilman John Lee made a strong and detailed comment giving considerable support to the proposal. Other council members acknowledged the potential merits of the proposal, but there was no consensus directed toward adoption of the proposal or having it become a priority for the administration.

Council requested additional information: perhaps some pros and cons noting the comments of council members.

Mayor Hinkley commented that the administration and staff are overburdened with work, but consideration and a future administrative comment on the merits of the proposal would be agreeable.

The council comments were pertinent to a much-needed discussion within the community: residents, business leaders, educators, and professionals would benefit from the discourse.

Recognizing the issues of our time, development of a definitive strategy for the economic vitality and sustainability of the community is a formidable task and action rather than reaction has always been the positive approach in Wixom’s history.

However, Deputy Mayor, Ziegler, noted that the economic proposal for “Education” as a viable business strategy for promoting the economic health and future of the community was a “political ploy” by Wayne Glessner Sr. candidate for Council.

Is “Education as a Business” to become a political item in the election, or should it be a “priority” for council and the administration?

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